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  1. Hello, For sale is my 30 button Edgley C/G Professional model concertina in the Jeffries layout with Ebony and bloodwood trim. This concertina is in near new condition having been built in October 2014 (#515) but only played for about four months after which it has been kept in its hard case in an air conditioned room since early 2015. It has no marks except for a small amount of paint wear on the handles. The bellows are airtight and in perfect condition. I am asking $2000 US (not including shipping) using Paypal which will include the hard padded case shown. I can also send three concertina tutor books for free if interested including 'Anglo concertina' and 'Christmas concertina' both by Gary Hoover, and 'The Irish concertina' by Mick Bramich. Cheers, Richard. http://
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