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    Thank you so much for your input. I am beginning to understand much more of what I am reading about this instrument. Sometimes I wish my son had simply stayed with flute instead of wishing to branch out and expand his repertoire. I was just reading on irishconcertina.com that I should not really be considering buying "old" concertinas as old does not equate to good - just as I was beginning to think I was going to plump for a J Crabb 30 key c/g numbered 1887 that I saw on donedeal.ie and concertinas for sale - it was made circa 1870. On there there is also a 2015 Connor which has been repaired by AC Norman and a deluxe Anglo Marcus. All come in my price range - just but should I opt for a maker/repairer who is alive but it's a hybrid or the Crabb. I am sure my son will continue to keep the flute as his main instrument but you never know. I blame the music teacher - my son had wanted to learn the button accordion but as my daughter was already learning that teacher thought better to do another instrument and suggested the pesky concertina - at least it's portable.
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    My head is sore from looking at information on concertinas. My son is ready to move on from the Rochelle he has had a loan of for the past few months. He is enjoying the concertina very much having original started on whistle and flute over 10 years ago. Originally he was advised that he should move on to a 30 button lachenal but having read loads these past few days it would seem these are considered student instruments. I have recently seen a J Crabb and a H Crabb for sale at just over £2k which is just about in our budget. I am in a quandary if I should buy something like the Crabb or would it be a safer bet to go with one of the hybrids. One problem I have is that most concertina sellers are nowhere near London so it's difficult to try any other concertinas out. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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