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  1. Hello, I need this information before choosing between a new one or a vintage concertina: when you buy a vintage anglo concertina (e.g. Lachenal), is there usually a guarantee? Does anyone know where it can be repaired or restored when you live in Quebec, Montreal, Canada? Thank you!
  2. Hello Jim! I really appreciate your comment! It helps! I send an e-mail and a word on Messenger yesterday to Frank. I’m waiting for his answer. Thank you!
  3. You're right Bill! I still have a lot of pleasure to play on my Edgley. Since 2006, I never had to open it! NO PROBLEM AT ALL with it! Great! Now, my way of playing since that time has really perfected; I think I have reached a nice level now. I just din't know about his new "Héritage models", with traditional reeds, since yesterday! This is the reason why Concertina.Net web exists! Hope Mr .Edgley continues to build them. Trying to reach him. So, thank you!
  4. Hello, I trying to figure out about a new concertina. What opinion do you have about Edgley's concertinas (Héritage models)? How is the sound is when you are playing with...is it near the real "Irish sound"? I mean, made with "traditional Irish reeds" or still made with accordion reeds ? To compare with a musician playing on an Eiru concertina, for example, what will be the sound if he's playing on one of Edgley's Héritage model? Same? Almost? What will be the difference? thank you!
  5. Eh! Thank you for this information! You got my curiosity! I didn't know about this new model (Héritage). Well, did you heard about it? Is the "Edgley sound" concertina close to the Irish/Anglo concertinas? I'll be in Dublin anyway in May. But, if you or others concertina's musicians tell me that Edgley is better OR plays as well, with fluidity in the bellows, beautiful sound; maybe I'll think about it ... Thank you Don! PS: do you have an Edgley one?
  6. Hello, since 2006, I’ve been playing on an Anglo Edgley concertina (Frank Edgley from Ontario, Canada; made with accordion reeds). I plan to go to Dublin in May 2020 and I would like to buy an anglo (30 Keys, Wheatstone layout chart) with the typical Irish sound. What is your opinion about an Eirú or Vintage concertina (Irish company) or Lachenal's concertinas (McNeela Music store) for example? Which kind of concertina should I choose between them? I'll buy one, the most interesting according to your experience (fluid and rapid bellows response, for example, "real Irish reeds"...)? Thank you.
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