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  1. Here is a 30 button c/g anglo concertina by scarlatti. Ideal for a beginner. 6 fold black leather bellows, black painted wooden ends, white plastic buttons In good working order, a couple of small dents to the edge of the right hand black paint. Has accordion type reeds in it, which I believe are by cagnoni (italian). Much better than the entry level scarlatti instruments but not (in my opinion) as good as the better stagis. This one was given to me in bits and I have rebuilt it. Hobgoblin music used to sell these for £469, so this is a good saving on a nearly new item. No case but will be very well wrapped for postage More photos available if required Video of it being played here https://youtu.be/yREOcT7nQYA Looking for £275 or near offer. Donation made if sold through here
  2. No interest? I'm open to sensible offers, as I need to fund (another) concertina restoration..... 😬
  3. Hi All, Here's another one for sale. This is, as far as I know, a one-off. Called a 'Melodina' by the builder, it's a square 30 button anglo, in the keys of G/D. This was built in France in 2016 as a completely custom order by Stephane Le Lan, see here https://accordeons-du-marais.com/ Lachenal/Wheatstone fingering system, using accordion type reeds tuned to A=440Hz (concert pitch) Ends are solid cherry wood, buttons are delrin (black plastic) with mother of pearl type caps. Melodeon style card + tape bellows, not leather concertina type. Very comfortable padded adjustable handstraps. It's a delight to play, with such long bellows it's a little different in feel to a normal anglo. Not the loudest concertina I've ever played, but a lovely tone. I'm not using it as much as I should as I've two other GD concertinas and this should be getting more attention. Sold with a fitted hard case This was 2,00 euros when it was built Looking for about £900 Postage to UK £12, if posting overseas let me know where you are and I'll get you a quote Any questions please ask
  4. Hi Everyone The time has come to sell my AC Norman 30 button anglo. Built in March 2003 (serial number 32003) and owned by me from new. Tuned to keys of C/G and the Lachenal/Wheatstone layout. 6 fold black leather bellows which had the papers replaced a couple of years ago to spruce it up. Antonelli steel reeds tuned to A= 440Hz (concert pitch). Metal ends, black wooden frames. Yes, it's a hybrid, (as in uses accordion style reeds) but the Andrew Norman instruments are some of the best sounding 'hybrid' concertinas ou there. Currently, Andrew has a very long waiting list, and his prices are a lot more than I'm asking for this. It's had a tough life (I used this on the folk degree in Newcastle for 4 years!) and the handblocks have lost most of their black paint, but otherwise it is in very good condition and plays beautifully! Comes with a brand new padded gig bag. It's only up for sale as I've got a 30 button Jeffries which I've had since 2012 and this has been sitting unloved in the cupboard for a long while now. I've got plenty of photos of it, if you need to know more please ask. This would be ideal for someone looking to upgrade from a beginner instrument (Stagi/scarlatti etc) or someone looking for a 'spare' concertina. It would also be ideal for a beginner with a bit more than a basic budget... Looking for offers around £800 plus postage in the UK of about £12. (Overseas let me know where you are and I'll get a quote)
  5. Thanks! This is now sold (How do I make a donation?)
  6. Hi All The time has come to list one of my (7) concertinas for sale. It pains me to do this, but I'm going to list my first concertina here.... An Andrew Norman 30 button G/D, built January 1997 and owned from new by me. One end is badged Gremlin as it was bought new from Hobgoblin Crawley. It has metal ends and black 6 fold bellows with Jeffries papers. Tuned to concert pitch and set up with the Wheatstone/Lachenal button layout. Obviously there is some minor wear around the black woodwork, but the pads, springs and bellows are all working as they should be. This concertina has been enjoyed by yours truly for 20 odd years now, and I've tried my best to look after it! I've only uploaded one picture, I can send more if you are interested. There is a video of it being played by yours truly here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06LdKxpIW_k No case, but will make sure it is properly packed for postage. Looking for offers around £800 plus UK postage at £12 (PS - I have another account on here, but couldn't get in to it so have had to set up a new one, hence only one post!)
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