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  1. Thanks Steve but how does that help me indentify my instrument? Btw the exhibit is temporary. It’s honoring my grandfather. Besides I’m not sure I’d want to play a Bandoneon that is over 100 years old very often. It might fall apart.
  2. I have googled ELA Bandoneon and all I got was information on the company. I didn’t find anything on the instruments that would help me figure out how old this one is. I find lots of information about AA Bandoneon and I’m confident in the estimate for the AA I have. I don’t see anything comparable to the ELA.
  3. I tried to upload a photo but it failed. I will try again.
  4. I inherited two Bandoneon from my grandfather. Both were brought over from Germany pre WWII. The “newer” of the two is an Arnold obtained by my grandfather around 1924. The other is older and is an ELA. I know they went out of business in 1910. I was hoping someone might know a bit more about these ELA bandoneon. Like approx how old it might be and maybe a value. The two are going into a museum exhibit next month and the museum would like to know how much they are worth. I can find info on the “newer” one but not the ELA.
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