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  1. Hello I bought a Suttner Concertina about 4 months ago. I just wanted a concertina with concertina reeds. The Clocer is a hybrid concertina and therefore a little cheaper. Thank you for the compliment. Stefan
  2. Hello The price includes VAT. Since the instrument is sold in another country, this business is exempt from VAT. The following must be clarified. If the Concertina is cleared in the importing country, whether the VAT has to be paid by the importing country.
  3. Hello I am selling my Anglo Clover Concertina from the Concertina Connection brand. The concertina is only 1 year old. It has an adapted Jeffries layout with 3 C # on the right side (see picture layout). The instrument is completely black, which is also a custom-made product. Selling price is 1850 euros without transport. Location of the concertina is switzerland. I have had the best experience with FedEx Express Transport. It's not cheap but works very well and quickly. Under the following link you can find a video where I try to play the concertina. Please excuse my quality of play, sometimes I get a little out of rhythm. https://youtu.be/4IY5HMRQCWM I am always available for questions. Kind regards
  4. Excuse the late reply. In the picture you can see the size of the concertina
  5. Hi My friend has now opened the concertina and took the following pictures. The Concertina shows the number 22690. Can someone tell me how old the Concertina is and what brand it is? My friend is considering a sale, what value does the concertina have in this conditon? (not restored) Thank you for your imputs.
  6. The concertina is located in Switzerland. Not necessarily a country where many people play concertina :-)
  7. Hello everybody A friend of mine has the concertina pictured in the appendix in his possession. Unfortunately he has no other information on age, origin, manufacturer, tuning etc. The Concertina has one or two broken buttons and has not been opened yet. Does anyone have an idea of which manufacturer it could be, who could repair this instrument and what value this Concertina could have? Thank you for your help.
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