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  1. Thanks Alex, that would work. The current handrail has tapered ends, so I would have to make a new one, but that would mean that I could always swap back to the original handrail if I needed to
  2. Thanks Frank, but too late, I already have the Stagi. I didn't set out to buy a Stagi, but it was available locally at a good price. There were a couple of sticking buttons, but those were easy to correct after following advice on this forum. To my inexperienced ears and fingers it seems fine to get me going, and I won't have lost much cash if I trade up later.
  3. Hi, I like the idea of the torsion spring. It's something I've seen before in marine shackles, so would be a great example of adapting design to a different use. Love it, but but need a bit of think of how to make it. Thanks, if I can make it work I will post the story!
  4. Hello, I have just joined the group, having acquired a 20 button Stagi (c2 I think). I'm new to concertinas, so apologies if this has been covered before. The Stagi is hexagonal, with the flat part at the top, whereas, many, or most, others have the point at the top. Does this have any significance to the style of construction of the instrument.? One thing it does mean is that the sides of the instrument are angled, rather than parallel, so the straps can't easily be attached to the frame. So the straps are attached to the hand rest with a buckle adjustment, which is uncomfortable. Any suggestions?
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