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  1. Hi All your help is required,


    I  have recently purchased a 20 button anglo, that was described as a lachenal and the style of the scroll work on the pictures did suggest that was the case.  However opening her up and there is not the usual markings inside ( I have access to 3 other Lachenals, and comparing to concertina museum). No L or R on the reed pans or bellow frames, the serial number is 512 but not stamped in the usual style.  The reeds are steel, and of the wheatstone/lachenal style.  The lever arms are double/U pinned/stapled (forgot to photo them!).  And after cleaning her up last night I couldn't see any makers mark.  There is a small 'steel reeds' stamp on the side of one of the palm rests.


    Any guidance would be appreciated.  I have my suspicions, but wont voice them yet, so as to not influence your opinions :)








  2. Hi Dowright,


    Can I take advantage of your extensive knowledge to date my recent English concertina purchase.


    serial number 37173, mahogany frets, brass reeds, 48 key, 4 fold bellows. On the material behind the frets the manufacturer label say ‘Lachenal and Co’, but on the labels on the reed carriers, the address is 8 Lit, James St, Grays Inn Rd. WC.


    I think she maybe around the turn of the century, or maybe a year or two earlier looking at other examples on here.


    she is a bit of a restoration project ?





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