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  1. Hi. I recently purchased a Lachenal 20 key Anglo Concertina. My main teaching method right now is to work through Easy Anglo 1-2-3 by Gary Coover. It is a great beginner book. I think it would be useful to have lessons though. In terms of learning to hold and control the instrument/technique and so on. If I cannot find someone I'll continue learning via books/internet resources. I can drive and so would be able to travel for lessons...within a certain radius. I live in Cheshire East. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Helen.
  2. Hi lachenal74693, Thank you for the recommendation. Once I'm feeling more 'brave' I'll take a look at Australian Bush music Anglo Concertina Tutor: https://www.bushtraditions.org/tutors/concertina.htm I don't have a button numbering convention. I've just been following the Anglo 1,2,3 book. I see there are a lot of different systems though. It may get confusing for me! Thank you for replying to my post. Helen.
  3. Hello Mike. Thank you for your post. I am still working my way through 1,2,3 Anglo. I was thinking of ordering another one of his books soon. Thank you for the list of web-links/free resources. In terms of learning my ear...what I've been doing is using Gary's book and then following the music. Once I feel I get a tune I try playing it without the music. I've been using his video links to see how the tune should sound. (My playing is still very basic). I'm interested in trying out all types of music. Anything beginner really. Thank you once again replying for my post. I'm enjoying learning...albeit slowly. Helen.
  4. Thank you Ken. I'm sorry I posted in the wrong place. I'm only in the early stages of learning. So far this means the first song in the book I'm currently using. Helen.
  5. I've recently purchased a 20 key Lachenal (C/G). It is a beautiful instrument and I'm really enjoying playing it. I've started working through Easy Anglo 1-2-3. I'm looking for some suggestions of other useful resources for an absolute beginner please. My apologies. I've added this additional edit to my post as I think I have posted it in the wrong section of the forum. It ought to be in the teaching and learning section! Helen.
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