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  1. Oh Alex, Alex, Alex. If only you knew my ability you'd have some laugh! I suspect to do the above I'd need a drill in a 'vice with a lever' rather than the standard hand held version of the drill. (Any concertina makers/restorers must just be cringing reading this).
  2. No Wolf, it certainly wasn't me, the screws have sheared. I did however loosen one screw but the reed had already dislodged complete. Not sure how I can get the old half of the screw out as there is not sufficient to grip with plyers etc.
  3. And just as things might look manageable, two screws (one in each shoe), have sheered leaving part of the screw in the hole! Grrrr!
  4. Thanks Alex, experience showing through! I'll try that. I've also opened the other side to discover that two of the reeds I have a screw loose and one of the reeds have dislodged. Difficult to sort out myself or just impossible?
  5. Theo, thanks so much for the information, I really appreciate it. Out of curiosity, why would most people not be able to use hide glue? Is it not available in Europe?
  6. PS. How would I go about getting new springs?
  7. Don, are you trying to give me a heart attack? Replacing the action plate sounds complicated. I might be wrong but it seems that it is glued to the circular action plate as I can't see any screws. Might take nerves of steel trying that. I presume there would be a high risk of the fretwork being damaged during that particular operation?
  8. Theo, that's great, thanks. My only issue with the crack is that it runs through some of the holes for the 'stay' of the spring. In some cases this has loosen it and they have come out. I pushed them in again but was very wary about the amount of pressure as I want them to stay in but not encourage the crack to become bigger. I'm short 4No. springs on one side (second side still to be assessed) but so far so good!?
  9. Great, thanks. You sound like a man with many talents!
  10. Great, I'll try that! Well spotted, eagle eye! Didn't pick up on that, but it's good to know.
  11. Don thanks for your reply. The split appears to be only in the circular wood, at 12 o'clock on the reed pan photo, if you zoom in on the empty holes you can see a crack horizontally. The reeds appear surprisingly good with just a little rust on the odd one but as it didn't seem to effect the sound I left it alone, thankfully, given your advice. Thanks for the valve hint. I'll try that tomorrow.
  12. Thanks Tiposx for your reply. I'll try to get some repairs done myself (one end alreadyneeds 4 springs and some valves are sticking up). Love to find out what the story is about the broken reed!! I suspect you might have been playing too fast!!!?
  13. Theo, I suspect that it's not worth very much, even if it was working? I gather you are the person in the best position to tell?
  14. Theo, it has 32 buttons and I presume not having an air button is typical of the EC.
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