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  1. Lovely advice MikeFule, thank you. I'll try those exercises. I'm trying figure out what I need to hit in order to be ready to move onto higher level stuff. I'm not close right now but I think it'd be helpful to have a plan.
  2. So I've been playing for a couple days and squeeze some basic tunes of this box, although some challenges arise from the poor quality of my instrument. I was wondering how to begin training myself to play in octaves for simple songs like Oh Susanna. Do I just memorize both hands to the point where I don't need to focus and just play them together? I'm wonder because coming from trumpet it's a very different experience. Also all your advice has been very helpful, thank you!
  3. Well if they're any other Concertina players in Vermont I'd love to know!
  4. Well, I can read music. If that helps. The only trouble is I'm going from a Wind instrument (Trumpet). So learning the notes of the buttons will be half the battle. The scales on this thing include C, G, A minor and E minor right?
  5. So, last I posted my C/G Stagi is not in the greatest condition. Some reeds are sharp and some other valve issues but I believe it's good enough to practice on until I get one in better condition. So where do I start? What books should I be looking for and is there anything else I should know about a 20 button C/G anglo?
  6. Tubing is in place, but some new problem have arisen, the thumb valve is sticking, the A/C key is sounding off, some reeds are sounding at the same time. This could be a problem with the valves so I think that's the next thing I should replace! All pictures and videos of my concertina is in this google drive folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1AUJFG13tc4nIwfqN2XUwEgGUf5yRqgKn
  7. Based on that thread you guys showed me they said the size they experimented with was an ID 3/32" and 1/8". My local hardware store has vinyl tubing that an ID of 3/16" do you guys think that'll work?
  8. I am having trouble posting images but last night I did open it up to see the mechanism (with a small enough screwdriver) and the pads are fine. I unstuck the crammed key and rerecorded playing every note. I also discover that there was a small wooden inlay on the outside of the concertina saying "Made in Italy" so that confirms it be a bastari/stagi. Also the particles turned out to be the rotted and dried rubber bearings that fell off. The only way I can share all of this is through google so here's the link:https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1AUJFG13tc4nIwfqN2XUwEgGUf5yRqgKn
  9. I think three of the buttons are out of tune and I'll tackle that after the buttons themselves are fixed https://drive.google.com/file/d/10t4h2FRda6EgyhR1rWz5x_rL-4p_2Z8P/view?usp=sharing I can't share on here directly due to it being too large.
  10. What exactly are they and how can one replace them? I haven't heard any buzzing when testing the instrument and some just don't have that flap at all. Would it help if I posted a video of how the instrument sounded?
  11. I did open it up last night, just taking the face plate off the bellows and the bellow are in good condition! Nothing seems wrong with them. Now the reeds, I don't know what there supposed to look like but I took a picture just in case. I couldn't get into the valve mechanism due to not have a small enough screwdriver for the second set of screws. Are those strips attached to the metal supposed to be curved?
  12. Any tips on opening a concertina up and replacing the tubing? I don't want to cause any damage to the instrument when I'm trying to fix it. Based on the thread lachenal74693 posted I can probably find some flexible tubing at my local hardware shop. I just need to know the diameter.
  13. I'm very new to the world of concertinas and to begin I bought this Italian anglo (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) for $67 just to start. Now out of the box, it sounds fine, the only issues are the buttons. Most are sagging but that isn't the real issue. 2 keys, one on each side, are stuck inside the panel. Now before I tinker with this instrument and open it up I want some information from people more experienced than I. Also, would it be helpful to know the brand? I can't find anything on this instrument of when it was made or who made it. Another worrying thing is a rotate the instrument there seems things are loose in it, like particles of something. Making it sound a bit like a Maraca
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