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  1. Website fixed now I think if you seen any other problems let me know - thank you for taking the time to look and finally in deference to Mr Alex Holden we decided on a name change to avoid any conflicts or clashes tge new new name will be Blackthorn
  2. Take a look at the Barleycorn trade stand the new Blackbird Anglo will be on display Aimed primarily at Beginnings and improving players its the best concertina we have seen at this price point. Have a try and let us know what you think as I’m sure you will
  3. Website fixes now I think if you seen any other problems let me know - thank you for taking the time to look
  4. Thanks for the update the web person is away on holiday but the errors are on his to do list I tried to fix them myself but best left to an expert I think and yes there is no connection to any other Blackbird, perhaps at this early stage I should try to get the Chinese to avoid any confusion and Re brand it Any one got a great concertina name out there? It will have to be good but I’m sure they will have an open mind As for reviews no doubt they will come in time but two people who have had it in their hands are Chris Algar and Moshen Amini and both had good things to say regarding quality and price point. there will be a few finding there way into the market soon as the first commercial batch arrives in the UK this week. A little bit too late for this years festivals but early for Christmas. I look forward to any more questions or comments and will help as much as I can as we gently introduce a Concertina that I hope will encourage more people to get involved in playing music.
  5. Hi Bax No Mystery As I said I have been showing this for the last year at a variety of events and festivals. It will be for sale at Folk East this coming weekend 16th August 2019 Here is a link to it Take a look and see what you think
  6. Hello to Everyone I am very new to this forum and not yet sure what I will be able to contribute but by way of an introduction I have for almost 30 years now been selling all things squeezeable including Accordion, Melodeon and Concertina. I did not start in music until I was in my 30's and have always tried to help other "late comers" see that its never too late to get into playing music. My musical journey has allowed me to rub shoulders with many of the great musicians and makers of our time and now after the twists and turns that life takes and the hand that it deals I find myself once again working with a factory in China who I believe has come up with the perfect beginners and Improvers Anglo CG Concertina. The problem with the cheaper Chinese instruments as you will all know is that they are not really up to the job of helping people learn to play, quite often the beginner is fighting both buttons and bellows and succeeds in spite of the instrument not because of it. So with this in mind I said to my Chinese colleagues I would let it be known that they have produced a concertina that can meet the needs of a beginner and improving player that is fit for purpose and is at very well positioned price point. I have exhibited the prototype for several months taking it around festivals including CONSAIRTÍN The National Concertina Convention in Ennis Ireland, Chippenham Folk Festival and Sidmouth Folk Festival. It will be at both Folk East and Towersey this August 2019. The reaction has been very good and the instrument has been well received by players whose abilities are far greater than my own. This is an instrument that solves many of the problems the Anglo Concertina student faces and as long as they practice and apply themselves with this instrument, in my opinion they will succeed and open the door to a world of music only the lucky ones get to see. Should anyone wish to find out more please let me know and I will point you in that direction.
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