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    Singing old British folk songs, playing my english concertina,
    painting, sculpture, local and military history.
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    Chester, England, UK

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  1. Can anybody let me know what the name LINOTA is on Wheatstone anglo-concertina (Made in 1921)?


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    2. Stephen Chambers

      Stephen Chambers

      Yes, I suggested that myself in a 2016 thread on the same topic Paul Gleeson: 


    3. Stephen Chambers

      Stephen Chambers

      I then went on to say that:



    4. Mike Stevens

      Mike Stevens

      Many thanks, you have just confirmed my take on the matter, Kind regards


  2. Hi Guys, I went on line and ordered some concertina spares on April 7th. Unfortunately I have received no reply so far? Although I don’t know him, I wish him well hope he recovers soon! Kind regards Mr. Mike Stevens Chester, England, U.K.
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