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  1. Yup- I play both of those Saltarellos (learned from Arany’s videos). if you’re interested, I made some decent home recordings of me playing hopped up versions of the La Regina Saltarello and a great piece called Chanconetta Tedescha (on, as per my style- solo unaccompanied electric guitar), among other early music pieces.
  2. I don’t know why the YouTube links I included in my previous post can’t be clicked on. I just went to “share” under the video and chose “copy link”- which I’ve done before and had worked fine. Does anyone know why it doesn’t seem to be working on concertina.net?
  3. I am switching/adding Anglo concertina from (solo, unaccompanied electric) guitar. I love rhythmic single note pieces. Irish Jigs, reels, hornpipes. . . (I greatly prefer Irish to Scottish/English/Breton), and also medieval dance tunes (saltarellos, tarantellas, Macedonian “oros” . . . and even played Bach solo violin pieces such as his Partitas. . .) I am slowly relearning these on Anglo concertina. For learning straight forward versions of lots and lots of Irish tunes, I learn from Tomoyuki Koshi on YouTube. But there is a YouTuber named Arany Zoltan (no relation to my username) who is Fantastic. he is a multi instrumentalist who plays all sorts of European trad music (from Scandinavia to the Balkans). He plays lots of Early Music/Medieval pieces and seems to focus on Eastern European/Balkan/Mediterranean music. here are two Hungarian pieces that I absolutely love: https://youtu.be/nQNhbi9KZfU and https://youtu.be/sC2yEFpacIE I believe that most of the music I mentioned (in addition to Irish music) is achievable on an Anglo concertina.
  4. Yes- Junior Stevens is in Portland, Maine, not Oregon.
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