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  1. the swan seems to have touch sensitive buttons.supposedly. and how does the number of bellows affect the playing/sound? the wren 2 has 8 fold bellows, and the new swan 6 fold.
  2. ...but alot of the same questions from before seem a bit dated. used to play guitar, bass , and drums although have lost all interest in playing anything the last 10years. now would like to start playing irish tunes on an anglo and not right sure what to get. i am aware that on guitar i progressed to a certain stage and then hit a wall that i never bothered to get over and then lost intereset. so i am slightly aware this might hapoen again. wren 2, £369 includes hardcase rochelle, £415 includes padded bag new swan, £688 includes 'padded box' seems like the rochelle is bigger and heavier which is a bit off putting. so maybe the question is, is the price difference worth it for the new swan over the wren 2? what do i get for that extra money, as its almost double the price. many thanks
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