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  1. This was the first multipart piece I learned that was within my Busker's G-C3 range. There's more to the song, but I'd have to arrange the rest in order for it to fit within the limited range. Since no changes needed to be made to the original sheet music to play what's in this video, I felt that attempting to mess around with the notes would make the whole thing kind of awkward. Regardless, I'm pretty proud of what I was able to play, and now I'm working on arranging music to be able to play on my Busker rather than scouring the internet for snippets of piano pieces that happen t
  2. I love my Busker model English, but I was kind of disappointed with the lack of sheet music to go along with it. The majority of sheet music that I found for English concertina was either very basic, or contained notes that were far out of my 36-key range. So I took it upon myself to try arranging a piece of music from one of my favorite video games, which definitely was not composed with concertina in mind: Id/Serenity from the Fire Emblem series. It's been a challenge to try and fit what should be an accordion/piano duet into a G to C3 range, and it's been even more of a challen
  3. If a note is buzzing, will the issue fix itself on its own? I've had a note have issues before but it essentially fixed itself in a day or two. This time I have one that's been acting funny for almost a week now, with just a little improvement over the past couple days.
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