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  1. Thanks Gary. For reference, is this one of the types of cheaper vintage concertinas you're referencing? Would one refer to this as one of the "tutor" concertinas?
  2. Thanks a lot. How much more do you think I'd need to spend to get to the level of longevity/quality I'm looking for? I'll check out those websites shortly. Appreciate the help.
  3. Hello! First off, I don't want to waste anyone's time soliciting information that's already out there, so if you can answer by pointing me to a resource that has the answers I'm looking for, I'd be much obliged. I'm very interested in learning English concertina. I've been poking around forums and reading as much as I can find about the different types of concertinas and I believe I have enough information to know that I'd like a vintage, treble English concertina for playing English folk music (and Irish, though I understand this is a contentious proposition) as well as dabbling in other genres including Classical. I'm drawn to a vintage instrument because I don't want to spend a great deal of money (read: more than about $700) on a new concertina, and I'd rather have something that I plan to use for a long time rather than start with a beginner instrument. There's also a just a desire to have something with some history and character. So my questions are: How do you recommend I go about finding one? Are there any manufacturers that I should trust implicitly? If so, which are they? What are the best ones I can find around or under $700? What are the tried-and-true models I ought to keep my eye out for? Am I too much of a novice to be looking for a vintage concertina? Would any of you be willing to look over eBay listings I send you? Thank you! I look forward to a day when I know what I'm doing and can help out another beginner
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