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  1. Thanks, Gary, for the investigation and the reply post.


    As lachenal74693 suggested, PDF would work.But I’m not sure as how Amazon handles it on the business side.


    Recently I’ve been videotaping/photographing my daughter and her team’s paragliding. There is much “dead” time between flights and I use the time to learn AC. The Kindle Voyage works great because it is compact, lightweight and most importantly of all, its display works in any lighting condition. My iPad Mini is also compact but to my old eyes is virtually useless in bright sunlight.


    Incidentally, I have a printed copy of Gary’s Easy Anglo 123 (there’s no Kindle version). I scanned it and sent the PDF file to my Kindle. Works great!

  2. I bought Gary's Kindle-edition Christmas Concertina and Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style and am disappointed to find that they don't display on my Kindle Voyage:


    Unavailable for Download

    "Anglo Concertina in the Harmonic Style"

    The item is not compatible with this device.


    They display fine on my iPad. But iPad display is terrible in the sun!


    Does anyone have the same problem?

  3. I'm new to concertina, so please take it easy on me....


    >> When the concertina is just sitting there the bellows will expand a tiny bit.


    I don't think this will hurt the concertina. The only thing I'm concerned about the concertina's bellows is that in transit, if the ends of the concertina are not blocked, the bellows keep moving in and out as if the concertina were being played. That may result in pre-mature wearing of the bellows.


    Most of the hard-shell cases have the ends of the concertina blocked. So moving the concertina in its case is not a problem.


    >> The button accordion when in resting position is on it's side and the weight of it keeps the bellows closed.


    I'm not sure what kind of accordion you were referring to, but I play CBA. What recommended to me by the people who know much more than I do is that the accordion, especially one with a tone chamber, should be stored in the "playing position." This is to prevent the pre-mature sagging of the valves.


    All of my CBAs, except for the Roland V-Accordions what have no valves, are stored upright in the playing position.

  4. I received an email from Doug Creighton with Button Box ("the seller" mentioned in my post above). He sent me a photo of a Mayfair model (1) and a photo of the Edley in question (2). One can see their actions are of the same type.


    For contrast, he also sent a photo of the riveted action in a Minstrel (3).


    I appreciate his quick response.


    Mayfair action.jpg


    edgley 2.jpg



  5. Thanks again, Bill.


    I'm also considering a pre-own Edgley Professional, and am glad to hear more endorsement from people who know what they are talking about. I sent email messages to the seller asking for the model of the item in the ad (I guess it's not a Professional, otherwise the ad would state so) and what they meant by "Mayfair-action," but haven't heard from them.


    My background: I play a bit of accordion (CBA), but am trying to learn something less heavy and more portable.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Bill N said:

    ...the seller isn't too familiar with concertina terminology....


    Thanks, Bill. But I guess this is not the case. The seller is a very popular concertina store, also a concertina maker.


    I searched for "Mayfair concertina" and essentially found the same info as in your post. I didn't find anything as "Mayfair action."


    I am particularly interested because I'm about to buy an Edgley (not necessarily the one in the ad).

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