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  1. Thank you for your message! I know you and, I have watched your video many times. I am very happy with your suggestion, but I think it is difficult because I live in the countryside and I cannot go far because of being a student.
  2. Thank you. I have already seen. I learned about Concertina from him.
  3. Thanks a lot. However, the price is expensive for me. Excuse me, I can't buy.
  4. Thank you for your reply. There are few stores in Japan that can repair Concertina. I can't fix it either. I think it's difficult.
  5. Thank you for answering. To tell the truth, someone told me, "I don't recommend Elise or Stagi. Look for a used one.". That's why I was looking for a used Concertina, but if you don't mind, I will buy Elise or Stagi.
  6. Thank you for answering and advice! I'm rather interested in Hayden or Mccann, but I will consider buying other systems as well.
  7. Hello, I want to try a duet concertina, but it is difficult to get an instrument. I searched on the Internet but, these are very expensive. So I am looking for A for beginners as cheap as possible. I don't care about the system, because I'm about to begin. I'm sorry for not being good at speaking English.
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