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  1. For Sale is this lovely 24 button ( C.Jones Patent Concertina MANUFACTURER 350 COMMERCIAL Rd EAST ) My "cousin" passed away and as his executer I was charged with all things executer's must do. Selling the contents of the house and the proceeds were to go to the church. There was a cedar trunk in a spare bedroom which was his materal grandfathers that had been moved from house to house over the decades and undistrurbed until I opened it. I was not surprised it was filled with old fine folded wool blankets. I was surprised to find this hexagon wooden box tucked in the bottom corner. Upon opening the box I was amazed how well preserved it was, it looked new and barely used with the exception of the top exterior handle of the box. Worked excellent when tested. The family had immigrated from London to Canada, then New York 3-4 generations ago and the story was the cedar trunk was on the ship with them when they left the UK. Not sure what it is worth, open to offers. It's beautiful and should be owned by someone who appreciates it and the procedes go to his church. That is all I have. Thank you
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