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    Currently Learning English and Anglo Concertina,
    I love making things on the CNC Machine, And woodworking.
    Proud grandmother of 2.
    Working on my first concertina build.
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    Ontario, Canada

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  1. Hi, I’m new to Concertina.net, and new to concertinas in general. 8 years ago I attended The university of Western Ontario, where I studied piano technology. I learned to tune and repair pianos. Recently, I saw a concertina at Auction. I thought it might be interesting to take one apart and learn more about them. The previous owner stated that the concertina was made in Winnipeg, but I learned only the case was built in Winnipeg. The concertina is actually a Lachenal Anglo. im hoping by following this page I will learn a lot, Thanks for allowing me in the group,
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