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  1. I'd like to have my (probably Tidder) serviced and given an overhaul. Can folks recommend a reputable repairer in or near me in Somerset?
  2. Does anyone keep records of the Tidder serial numbers to assist pinpointing the date of manufacture? Mine is stamped '886'.
  3. Thank you for all the knowledgeable replies. It's really good to know the origin of my instrument. And who'd have thought yesterday, that I'd be so delighted to be diagnosed with baggy gussets! ?
  4. Greg, here are the angled and close-up photos you requested. I've read about a 19th century concertina maker named Jones in Bristol. This instrument was purchased a few years ago here in the west country around 20 miles from Bristol. That doesn't prove it's origins but I thought it may be useful additional contextual information.
  5. Two more photos this time including serial numbers and pencil marks.
  6. Thanks Greg, there are no makers stamps on the hand rests. Here are a couple of internal photos. There don't appear to be marks or serial numbers here either. Does this peer inside make identification any easier?
  7. Can anyone identify the maker of my 20-button anglo concertina? It looks very like a Lachenal to me but I'm aware that these were often copied. If a copy is there a way to identify the copyist maker? I can upload more photos if this helps. Many thanks
  8. The other side is held by a matching strap button that appears to screw directly into the wood with no insert. By 'filling' are you referring to glueing a small mahogany dowel into the oversize hole and then re-drilling that surface for the new insert? I do have a suitable piece of mahogany that I could use to make a dowel to fit.
  9. This is the strap button repair I need to do:
  10. Thank you for the strap information. I also need to fix one of the strap buttons which is loose. The button appears to screw directly into the wood with no insert. I've found these replacement buttons with inserts available online, is fitting an insert a standard 'fix' for a loose button?
  11. I'd like to replace the straps on my Lachenal anglo 20B and am curious what the original strap pattern and colour would've been when new?
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