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  1. Thank you everyone for the advice and information. I look forward to learning this awesome instrument
  2. I just got a whim to learn concertina about a week ago. I hopped on eBay and ordered this little guy. I was wondering if anyone can give me a little history on it. One of the bellow screens has a tiny hole. Other than that, it’s in immaculate shape. Anytime I invest in a new hobby, I like to know as much history about it as I can. Can anyone give me more information or a website with information on this particular concertina?
  3. So I’m 33 years old and in my youth I have tried to play all types of instruments...guitar, bass guitar, piano, and others... nothing stuck. I never learned to read music but have a basic knowledge of tablature from my wanna be rockstar days. I’ve purchased Gary Coover’s Easy Anglo 1-2-3 and Pirate Songs for Concertina. I also bought my first 20 button concertina on eBay and have been playing around for a couple of days. I do medieval re-enactments and LARP events where my persona is a pirate known as Dwarf Dreadbeard. I want to learn shanties and the like to perform around a campfire at our events. My my question is...what are some other resources I can use without a knowledge of reading sheet music? Is there a website with tablature for shanties? Any and all help will be appreciated. I have attached a picture of my concertina in case that will help
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