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  1. I used to take books to a commercial printer and have them shave off the glue edge and 3-hole punch it. Not many of them owe me favors these days.
  2. By the way Gary, I learned something the hard way today when trying to prop open your book Easy Anglo 1-2-3 with a cup of coffee on the side. My chair is still a bit wet. Have you ever heard of "Lay Flat" binding? I used to publish paperback books, and this is very handy for that sort of usage. Its a bit more expansive than standard glued binding, but much appreciated for certain types of books. And printing is not the major cost center of most books, so it might be worthwhile. Certainly worth checking out. Ask your printer. Just a hint for the future.
  3. Thanks Mike, a very informative and useful post. I think I'm starting to understand enough to realize what you're saying.
  4. Well, I now have a nearly new (and new to me) Anglo style C/G Hohner 20-button concertina. I have started off with Gary Coover's book Easy Anglo 1-2-3) and so far have learned to play a C scale. Well, almost. Any advice and encouragement appreciated. I watched several YouTube videos on playing the Anglo concertina. Several admitted that the button/note laying can be a bit mystifying, but none were able to offer a rational explanation. Is there some hidden pattern that will make learning easier, or is it just a matter of rote muscle memory? History buffs?
  5. OK, so I just became the proud parent (servant?) of a Hohner 20-button C/G concertina. I want to play pirate songs and Irish session tunes. Ordered Gary Coover's books on Amazon. Any other advice for the beginning player? I play stringed instruments mostly, with a bit of drum and other miscellaneous, but mostly I'm a singer. So I do have some musical experience, but the concertina mystifies me. Watched some YouTube videos where they basically said, "Yeah, these buttons seem to be arranged randomly, but I have no idea why." Any guidance appreciated.
  6. Mt too! Thanks Jacques, for such a useful tool.
  7. Hi Gary, I just bought Anglo 1-2-3 on Kindle, but my Kindle Cloud Reader says it can't read it. I had another book do this last year. I don't know if it's something about the format, but I thought I'd let you know.
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