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  1. My Edeophone 56 key extended treble has raised ebony ends, and was made in the early 1900s. That seems to be a good period...my instrument has a sweet sound, but will also drive the notes out if played harder. The only problem, which is well known for Lachenal instruments, is that the Lachenal action (hook and lever) can be noisy, so it is difficult for recording. A few years ago I had a Lachenal metal ended TT that had the action replaced with a riveted action (much quieter) by Concertina Connection...it was superb...however my family deemed it TOO LOUD, so against my own advice I sold it. RJ
  2. Greetings! Can anyone give the dimensions of a typical Lachenal extended treble Edeophone? I have one that is 6.5 inches across the face, with 56 keys. Would this be standard? many thanks, RJ
  3. I accidentally posted this to Buy and Sell, being a new member of the forum. Have any members experience of the remarkable looking Parnassus concertinas made by Wim WaKker? I am especially interested in the acoustic qualities of tone wood in concertinas. Many of the early wooden baffles seemed to modify the partials (not just mute), and Mr Wakker has regenerated this concept with his development of high end acoustics for the concertina. I worked as a luthier for some years, and repaired 19th and early 20th century mandolins and period guitars and violins that used wooden "tone plates" (sometimes called Virzi plates), from the 19thc, the heyday of classical concertina. These were not baffles, but resonating subsidiary soundboards suspended inside. Does that sound familiar?
  4. I contacted "Michael of the Button Box" via their website, but so far have not received a reply.
  5. My entirely surly and suspicious thought was this...the seller wants someone to pay almost $4,000.00 for a (fine looking) Wheatstone tenor-treble concertina in May...and then have the buyer wait three months until July/August to do what...collect it in Canada? have it shipped from within the US? When I contacted the seller he responded saying that he intended to sell it to a dealer in Canada, unless I bid on it rapidly. Which of course he is entitled to do. Hmmm....???
  6. There are pics on Ebay. Auction number is 333206515078. Is this a scam? Wheatstone serial number 32082. Seller claims to bring the instrument to Canada or the USA in July or August (??) and also asks for a bank transfer when approached about buying. International shipping is mysteriously priced at 1 Euro, around 2 dollars or less. R J (Bob) Stewart, WV, USA)
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