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    The Shanty Festival, 11th - 13th October 2024. See harwichshantyfestival.co.uk .This years line up includes The French Canadian Brise Glase and from the Netherlands Grietje Sprot performing in traditional dress of the Friesland fishing community, the popular U.K.crew Kimber's men plus many more local crews & bands performing Shantys and songs of the sea.The many Pubs will have stocked up with real Ales & Rum etc. and great line ups of free Sea themed crews/bands playing in costume crawling from pub to pub. Meanwhile,The Redoubt Napoleonic fort will have the Kings German artillery, the Sea Fencibles, the River Rogues, the Sheppey Pirates, and military displays and see various old arts & crafts,the list goes on. It,s a full weekend.For camping sites & accomodation , you,ll need to book early, As mentioned for full details see. harwichshantyfestival.co.uk
  2. I have the same problem with volume over other players. I have to play as quiet as possible, maybe it does sound louder to players around you.I find myself having to lift my Edeo up nearer to my head so I can hear myself play.
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    This popular event is not to be missed. Old Harwich { Essex } comes alive with it's proud maritime history, local Shanty crews / bands & Big names from all over. The Pubs will be stocked up with traditional real ale etc, with shanty singing and music of the sea spreading out into the historic narrow streets of this lovely old town, great fun for all.Some ticketed events,but most are free performances spread around the pubs & Busking area's in Old Harwich. For pictures of passed years and more info. Please see the official site for the details, historic sites, camping, accommodation, re-enactments, pirates, & so much more.Just Google Harwich Shanty for all you need to know.
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    Lots of Shanty crews from all over the U.K. and abroad, performing in various venues around the town, in and outdoors, weather permitting. There are some very good pubs taking part providing stages and good ale,s etc.,Join in by singing or playing instruments. This is an excellent weekend event, the area really comes to life to celebrate the huge Sea faring history of Britain & Harwich. Well worth a visit. look up the official site for more details of future events. Pictures and video's of past years are also available on the site to give you a flavour of what to expect. Harwich and Dovercourt International shanty festival. ..............LATEST UPDATE, AS OF 11/06/22. THE MAIN LIST OF PERFORMERS HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. PLEASE SEE THE OFFICIAL WEB PAGE FOR DETAILS ETC.
  5. This is a weekend festival running from 8 th to 10 th October 2021. If the past festivals are anything to go by this is one to see & join in, if you can play a tune or singalong. Please google it to see official site and get more details. Video,s and pictures of past years. This is a good fun weekend.
  6. I went to this last time it was on in 2019, it was a great weekend. Highly recommended. I will post up the date when it,s announced. I can hardly wait!
  7. I saw it, and I did bid on it. I was hoping to get it for less than a 1000 then get it restored, thinking it was my chance to get a great concertina but it just shot up to silly money. I had not seen it physically but from the description from Stephen Chambers, [ previous ] maybe I got lucky to be out bid. It could have been a money pit and ended in divorce if the boss had found out. I guess I,ll never know. The cost of top class concertina,s have just gone crazy this last year or two. As I,m looking to upgrade and don't want to have to sell one of my ferrari ,s to pay for it.I wish!
  8. Hi I,m not a techy but why can,t I attach photo,s ? is 3.91mb a bit limited? Sorry I,m not usually a complainer, but would like to show my concertina.
  9. Yeh, now I know what it is I realise what a good deal I got.It does play nice. If I keep practiceing I maybe able to do it justice one day.
  10. So to bring this to a close, it,s an excelsior , From the serial no: 10104 that makes it a circa 1860 ? Is there anyone near me who would like to get together for a session ? i ,m just a beginner, I like up beat stuff, Irish,sing along, american folk, sea shanties not into morris dancing.I live near Harwich Essex. thank you one & all.
  11. Hi Wolf, Was the excelcior the only type with the scrolling? Yeh, it,s me again hoping I ,ve got the long lost Inimateable with scrolling on the fretwork. Out of curiosity, what numbers on this one ? anywhere near 10104 ?
  12. Hi, The chatty concertinaist found the listing on Ebay, small world. So the pics are there on his link, and the label says, Louis Lachenal, and number 10104. The thing that makes it stand out from the norm is the scrolling on the fretwork.It does have a lovely feel to it, feels like quality.It,s not perfect one of the buttons is a bit dodgy but I can live with that, I,m a beginner but I can tell it,s a good one. Thank you all for your comments. Now, is it an inimateable ?
  13. I have tried to post pics but I get a message saying only up to 3.91mb
  14. Hi Just got a new/ used concertina.It,s great & having lots of fun trying to play it.Now the serious part, can anyone help, What is it exactly ? I bought it from an auction site so no information or history came with it.It has a Louis Lachelnal makers name & No; 10104, 48 buttons english, pretty inlay on the wooden fret work. I,m assuming it,s an older model,maybe an inimatable?. Thank you for any help on this.I,ve not attached pics. as the max is only 3.91mb. sorry.
  15. There seems to be an undercurrent of blaming Glocesterman for the fact it,s made of turtle shell.Back in the day we all used animal parts/products to make all sorts of things and still do. Turtle shell is not acceptable today, like elephant ivory. When the concertina was made it was acceptable. Now we all know better, so lets get over it and enjoy a lovely old instrument,made by very talented craftsmen.
  16. Thanks for the welcome.Are you an ex pat, Baltic coast, where,s that? I will get pics of my new instrument very soon as it,s in the post at the moment. Just got it off Ebay for what I hope was a bargin price, If it,s an "inimatable", that is. I hope it,s playable as my regular is away getting a service etc. so I,m concertinaless, and missing it badly.
  17. Hi, I have just got what I think is an " inimatable " Lachenal 48 english. How can I tell if is one of these rarer models. Does anyone out there have one??
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