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  1. That’s brilliant to know. Thanks so much! I wonder how many people worked in the factory, and whether they made them on a production line type system? I wonder if they realised when they were popping them out all those years ago we’d be playing and loving them in 2019? Brilliant Mindy
  2. Hi Dowright, I just bought a new concertina today - another 20 key Lachenal. She has steel reeds which is stamped on the case also and bone buttons. Assuming Lachenal and Co due to number sequence though the label is no longer present unfortunately. Serial number is 100294. Would you have some idea of the date please? Mindy
  3. Thanks for that Dowright. I felt a little silly when on opening the other side there was an R stamp obviously for right and left. But that date fits with what I thought, though a tiny bit earlier. Fabulous ?. Thanks Mindy
  4. Hi Dowright I have a Lachenal & Co, Anglo 20 key .........serial number 149300. She has wooden fretwork, bone buttons, and brass reeds. There is an L stamped on the wood inside. Im wondering if you can give an approximate date. We’ve done some simple maths based on other dates and numbers and think it’s possibly turn of the century? Would value your opinion. Many thanks Mindy
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