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  1. Hi Eric we 3D print at work all the time so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. I would recommend using PLA as it prints really well. All you will need is a 3D model which can be done simply on a free version of autocad fusion which is readily available Cheers Ned
  2. Hi Guys Ive been playing now for a grand total of 2 weeks working through easy anglo 123 and above touched a nerve in my practise tonight that i am pushing the belllows closed with my right hand fingertips. is this correct technique, the left hand is stationary on my knee? from what is said above it must not be as i wouldnt develop a light touch continuing this way. what is correct technique for bellows operation to get a light touch. im loving the journey so far, learning little gems like the three g chords on the bottom row of the left hand in different “pitches” tonigt. not sureof the correct terms but im sure you get the jist
  3. hi kelteglow, is jody in perth?
  4. Hi Guys first time posting been lurking a bit, I have purchased a 30b Anglo of eBay, let’s hope it’s playable still waiting for it to arrive! Anyway, I am also waiting for easy 123 Anglo book but wanted to put some feelers out for anyone in Perth Western Australia that might be capable of teaching me?
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