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  1. I have Lamb and Goatskin. I used calf leather on my first set but think I’m going with goat on this one.
  2. Starting with the bellows. I’m not sure if I’m going to cut cards or fold them from one piece. The original looked like separate cards until I got it apart and it’s scored and folded from one piece, not individual cards.
  3. Great suggestion, I think the Dipper layout would be perfect for me and my hand issue with exception of the air button location. The air button would need to be relocated to the thumb area like on a standard setup. Seth
  4. I’m actually considering several variations. I play a lot of Scandinavian music so may try my own custom setup. I’m a bagpipe maker by trade so this is just a hobby. I don’t intend to make these for sale for others.
  5. Thats great, the reed layout helps to give and idea of the possible layout of the action board. I’m going to finish the 30 button first but really like the idea of the mini’s. I have nerve issues in my right hand pinkie so I may setup the buttons like the one in the article that has 3 buttons on top and 2 below. That is unless I decide to go with more than 5 buttons per side. If you were to have the 5 main G row buttons which extra buttons would you want for accidentals if only 2-3. seth
  6. Thank you very much, I appreciate it.
  7. Does anyone have pictures of a mini concertina taken apart? I’ve seen several mini sets in photos but none showing the reed layout or action board. Seth
  8. Thank you. I just got the eBay set in today and was surprised that each reed played although a few were weak and need some adjustment. Several of the reeds have surface rust but it comes right off with a fiberglass pencil. The bellows are relatively airtight, no cracks or broken parts anywhere. There is a couple safety pin spring replacements which is an easy fix. It was well worth the gamble, just glad the reeds were in the set.
  9. I pulled another 20 button Anglo I have out of the closet and it’s # 129,126
  10. Thank you for that, I appreciate it. I’ll take it apart and double check the number inside when I get it hand. I have another Lachenal too. I’ll check and see what the number is on that one.
  11. A few people bid at the last minute as it went up a little. I’m building a 30 button right now, my first attempt, but a Hybrid. Just finished he bellows yesterday.
  12. I ended up getting this concertina knowing it was a Lachenal but not sure of the date. I bought it as another project as I’m learning to build concertinas and am in the process of making my first set now. I’m wondering about the estimated age myself. 1868? That’s interesting. Cheers, Seth
  13. Pretty sure that starts with a 7, an odd shaped seven. Serial # 79001
  14. I have 79001, so I’m guessing it’s quite a bit later than most listed here. The 20 Anglo buttons are bone and the wood seems to be mahogany. It also has a stamp on the side of the frame that’s stamped J. Riley Birne which appears to be an owner’s name. Cheers, Seth
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