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  1. My Lachenal concertina bellows have a few small tears and some minor splitting. I can rebuild, but am thinking I might want to replace. Does anyone know if Mark Adley’s company “Concertina Spares” is ever coming back? I’ve been trying to place an order for a month,and can’t.. his bounce back message on email indicates he’s been on holiday since Christmas... can anyone recommend a source for leathers to rebind or a reasonably priced bellow replacement. thanks all!
  2. I just acquired a Lachenal 28 key Anglo #125436. I’m guessing around 1891? Any thoughts? Thanks!!! Dowright, it’s mahogany with bone buttons, steel reeds, c/g, 5 fold bellows - appears to be all original. But needs a full renovation. thank you for your confirmation of my guess (which is based on your responses to others!)
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