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  1. KarenD

    Beautiful Wheatstone Mayfair For Sale

    Got it, thank you.
  2. KarenD

    Beautiful Wheatstone Mayfair For Sale

    Thank you! I will certainly donate if a sale comes from this site. Karen
  3. KarenD

    Beautiful Wheatstone Mayfair For Sale

    I was not aware. Is that posted somewhere? I already have an interested buyer from my CraigsList add, so I will delete. Thank you.
  4. Beautiful Wheatstone Mayfair Concertina (30 key) for sale. If interested, please send questions/offer to Kardev@gmail.com. Thank you, Karen
  5. KarenD

    Wanted Wheatstone Mayfair Ec

    I have a beautiful Wheatstone Mayfair Concertina available. It is in beautiful condition. It was my mother's and she passed away. I do not play. I will try to post pictures. If interested, please contact me at Kardev@gmail.com. Karen
  6. KarenD


    Thank you so much! I sincerely appreciate the responses. I have already sent them a note! Karen
  7. KarenD


    Thank you. I'll Google and take a look.
  8. Hello All, My mother passed away and left a beautiful 30 key Wheatstone MayFair Concertina. Wondering if anyone can help me determine the value if I provide pictures??? Or perhaps suggest someone in my area (Oxford, Connecticut).