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  1. Thanks for sharing your excellent wisdom, Dave. It is most appreciated. As I get deeper into the well of learning, I wonder if my original gut feeling (well, one of them -ha!) that a duet may be the format for me is correct. Again, not having ever laid a hand on a concertina of any sort, it's difficult to judge. But I find my fingers twitching, and twitching in a left hand "bass", right hand "treble" sort of way. Go big or go home, eh? Sadly, and I think wisely, I have decided to let the Lachanel Tutor go by, thanks to all the experienced advice I've received from the folks I've "met" on this thread. You guys rock!
  2. Thanks so much for sharing John, and for your words of wisdom. Your love of music shines through your words. As a sidebar (and aren't online forums just full of them!) I have found a retailer within a couple hours drive from me who has a Rochelle and a Jackie and "an older used German made 20 button concertina that’s Anglo style" in stock. I don't have time to check them out before Saturday so I'll just have to let Fate have her way. But at least I know now that there are relatively local options to check out.
  3. Can't find it. Just as well.
  4. Gah!!!!!!!!! I'll go look at it. Online.
  5. I was planning for the brilliant future, Wolf. 🤣 Fickle, eh? I've been back to zero, up to 100, and down to 445. The more I think I know what I want to do the faster I change my mind! My husband is the most patient man on the planet, or more likely is gleefully plotting my demise as he tunes me out. I still agree 100% with your opinion on pitch, but well see if my romantic heart wins out over my logical ear on Saturday.
  6. RAc, I hear you, but I'm by and large a solitary soul, too self-conscious to have ever played music with accompaniment to date. It'll be me alone for awhile, then who knows? An ultimate goal would be to make music in a group. How amazing that would be! So I'm going in to the introduction with an open mind and not deaf, but cautious ear.
  7. I believe you've landed on the heart of the matter, wunks. I can look around for years and never come to a firm, informed decision. I'm so grateful for all of the thoughtful advice, and have gained so much invaluable knowledge in the past 24 hours thanks to the wonderful people on this forum. I'm going to see the Lachanel on Saturday. If it speaks to me, I may end up its new caretaker. If it doesn't, I'll walk away with a new experience. And as Wolf says, pitch won't matter so much until I'm competent enough to play with accompaniment, at which time I'll be so addicted that I'll either honour the instrument with a professional re-tuning or buy an entirely new one. And so it begins.
  8. Haha! I'm seeing this "pattern" emerging the deeper I delve, RAc. All of the advice is very welcome though. What I love is that no one is coming right out and saying "nah, don't go duet, it's crap" or some such. The paper idea is ingenious. I've been miming along with some YouTube videos and somehow feel that English may be the way to go, and man! I'm amazing already! (insert sound byte of many cats in a room full of rocking chairs). I'm more intimidated and at the same time exhilarated than ever
  9. That's great advice, Sebastian. I've changed my mind at least a hundred times since I started researching, and I haven't even touched one yet! I hope to take the plunge soon, and will suffer or celebrate the consequences. I love all the help I'm getting on this forum. Nice peeps Thank you, Bill. That sounds amazing, and something I would love to experience! Can you tell me where it is? PM me if you'd rather not post publicly.
  10. A good idea, Alex, but I'm in Central Ontario, Canada. It would take me ages to find someone who plays, even in this www age. If I don't buy the Lachenal, I plan to take a trip in May to Massachusetts and see if the Button Box can help me out. I'd love to just take a leap of faith and buy it, but it's no small chunk of change. I wish I had had this obsession when I was in Scotland and England a year and a half ago! That would have been much more convenient.
  11. I'm impressed! You give me hope that I'm not starting out too late in life if you can play that well after only having picked it up in 2011. Thanks for sharing, Wolf.
  12. Hello, Sebastian. Thanks for your reply. I really just developed a desire to have/learn one for personal entertainment. I love the sound of them and I suppose at the core it is the Irish in me that it calls to. That is not to say that I only would want to play jigs and reels, but that would likely be my jumping off point. That's funny that a 20b turned out to be your favourite. I wish I could find that darned crystal ball to tell me what to pick. In all that I've read, the Anglo is most recommended for Irish music, but it just feels counter-intuitive to my piano brain.
  13. You've got that right, Wolf! A can of worms is where I've been living lately in my obsession to learn what best concertina to buy. I value your opinion greatly and all knowledge is gladly accepted. I'll head over to your tracks shortly. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Wolf. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! And thank you for that invaluable advice. I have the opportunity to purchase a very old and beautiful Lachanel Tutor but am reluctant to commit as I am a fledgling and don't want to bite off more than I can chew. I feel as though the tuning might be the deal breaker. Not to bend your ear (and fingers) too much, but what would your opinion be on a Duet? I am classically trained on the piano, and in my research (not yet hands on) I feel as though that might be the best fit for me, learning-wise. I would appreciate any and all advice I can get.
  15. Greetings! I am 100% new here although have been admittedly skulking around for quite some time in the guest shadows. I've learned a great deal from reading many of your posts, and am now more confused than ever. I am desirous of purchasing and learning the concertina, and have a musical background, but have never played a button box. I'm sure I will get some excellent advice from you all. Specifically at the moment, I'm wondering if an English concertina tuned to 445 Hz would forever be sharp with accompaniment, or would it be A-okay (no pun intended - well maybe a little) for very amateur use? Thanks all in advance, Carla
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