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  1. Does anyone have building templates on cajun accordions? We can sahre our templates, ideas, and drawings to help others share the culture of the cajun accordion, allowing people to learn to build and play the cajun accordion. If you have any add-ons to this message, please feel free to place ad. thanks dave
  2. Hi! If someone would have an old cajun accordion that is worn or broken and not in use, please would you donate to me so I can allow my son to learn to build the cajun accordion and learn to play. I hear in many programs on tv, radio, and from other sources about the kids in Louisiana need to know about our cajun culture and the music, foods, language. But, I have tried to ask many people out there for help in getting an old accordion to learn from. Many of the people out there are not willing to help. To get off the subject of accordion for a while, in our school that offer french immersion, many of the kids and maybe many, don't have textbooks or workbooks. How do you expect these kids to learn a language, if all the sources are not available? If you want someone to learn a language, it is essential that you teach how to write, read, and talk. But, without textbooks and workbooks, then our schools cannot help these kids learn and the course if not good for them and I think it is a waste of our tax dollar of the "working community". So, just think about what I am saying. If we plan to help our kids learn, we need to provide them the essential tools to do the job correctly. Thanks for letting me give my post. IF you would like to contact me, please email to: david633@bellsouth.net thanks and take care dave
  3. Iam looking for a pattern on building a cajun accoridion. Also, if someone has an old cajun accordion that is broken, I would appreciate if someone could donate to me to build my kid an accordion and help transfer the cajun culture to him , so he can continue. If you can help me, please email me at: david633@bellsouth.net thanks david
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