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  1. Hello, When you cut leather, do you consider the part of body and the direction of cutting? If so, what are you doing? Generally, the back side is hard and the abdomen to the legs are soft. As for the direction, it's said that it don't stretch vertically from the head to the buttocks, but stretches horizontally. ex. Leather stretch area https://howtoshoes.blogspot.com/2014/05/basic-of-shoes-leather-upper.html
  2. Thanks comment, I found the comment fish glue is good at YouTube. https://bit.ly/3mnITqH I thought that the fish glue is better because it can warm the water and remove the parts. Easy to repair.
  3. Hello, I’m finding Fiebing's Leathercraft Cement in Japan leather craft shop, that is’nt available. So I’ll try similar glue, Please let me know if you know what the Fiebing’s glue material is. https://fiebing.com/product/leather-craft-cement/
  4. Hahaha!😆 Some concertina players says, I have to go buy milk, we think they make bellows jigs😆. Sheep or goat jumping to the stand and becomes a bellows parts☠️. The ratchet wasn't designed from the beginning, it happened to be like this. Thank you!
  5. I made a bellows jig by packing an empty milk pack with newspaper. Stainless steel pipe in the center. One side width is 60 mm. It fits perfectly in Stagi / Trinity College /maybe Swan, Lochele Trinity College / Maybe the Swan has the problem of melting gussets over time ... a jig for that. *duplicate post on Facebook
  6. The files that yours have attached are very useful for beginners when buying an first Concertina and when personal buying and selling to get to know each other !
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