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  1. Hi

    The bellows backing is the color of the cardboard, so I put the leather itself, leather patterned paper, or patterned paper on top (because leather is more expensive than paper).

    I have used a variety of papers and fabrics (Liberty Print) when repairing gussets. I used fish glue to attach the paper.



    *If your concertina's gusset is made of synthetic leather, expect it to degrade and pit in 10 years due to moisture in the air.
    When you do that repair, you can change the paper.

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  2. Quote

    You can try holding the action board with the buttons hanging down beneath it and then try fitting the end up over the buttons.  Or you can try it the other way around (buttons upright) and use a long, thin stick like a kebab skewer to poke any errant buttons back into place.  Either way will take a lot of patience.  I found cursing helped as well.

    I also agree with this method.
    When you turn the end and action board upside down and put the button in the hole, you can see the gap where the skewer is inserted by shining light from the bottom.

  3. 3 hours ago, Theo said:

    Usually the reason for a note sounding so low in pitch is that the reed tongue is cracked, and needs to be replaced.  It is sometimes possible to tune a reed up by a semitone (like E to F) but it does require some skill and a very good file. 

    @TheoThanks,I was wondering if it was shipped with the wrong tuning at the time of manufacture. Because I heard that this instrument was purchased 15 years ago and hadn't been used much.

    I'll check the reed

  4. Thanks, 




    I see there is another type, which might be suitable (depending on the diameters of the thread and the knurled top - what sizes are they?), on that website:  





    The product presented is for use at the top of the water crew handle. On other sites it was W3 / 16. I never thought I could use it like that.




    I have found I can get suitable ones, in brass or stainless steel, by post from a UK supplier, but they have a metric M3 thread and can only be bought in packs of 50.

    Too many pieces. ..

  5. On 7/7/2014 at 9:12 AM, gcoover said:

    In the 1870's, several were listed as "metal bound", or "brass bound". Any idea what that is?

    Hello I found the treble English concertina that at Wheatstone Ledgers. The ledger says "brass bound" and I didn't understand the meaning.

    And I found a this post of "brass bound" Here.

    I will post a picture of the instrument.


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  6. This bellows is designed with sharp apex corners. In that case, I found that the leather tape could not be folded smoothly.
    Looking at Alex Holden's production process, the corners of the bellows apex are rounded. https://www.instagram.com/p/CEmL7LqjZTL/

    Therefore, I tried to stretch and bind the leather tape as much as possible. As a result, I managed to make the crease flaps small enough to make them inconspicuous.






  7. Hi,

    You are write about those concertinas, maybe.


    It depends on how you make the bellows.
    The only important thing in a concertina like trinity is the airtightness of the gusset. Because the cardboard on one side of the bellows is all connected.


    I recently found that all the parts (except the gusset) on the surface of the bellows made in such a way are decorations.

    That surface are used book binding tape.



    However, it seems that concertinas like trinity have a gusset made of synthetic leather, so I think it will deteriorate over time and hole. (I haven't actually confirmed it).


    I'm trying repair(replace) 4 Trinity like English concertinas this year.



    Traditional concertina bellows are made by cutting a trapezoid from cardboard, facing it, and connecting it in the shape of a butterfly with linen and leather. Therefore, the airtightness of the connection part is required.

  8. Hello

    I'm trying replace the synthetic leather gusset for some concertinas.

    That is success, but I don't like the finish of the bellows apex.

    That model is like traditional Wheatstone, Lachenal, other modern concertina makers.

    These instruments have leather tape glued to the bellows in a smooth circular motion.


    I first modeled was Stagi, which simply folded in leather tape flap, I repaired for the first time.

    The second time I opened flaps in two and folded it.

    I use 20mm wide leather tape.

    How to smooth the apex of the bellows?



  9. On 5/29/2021 at 4:39 PM, mattx245 said:

    From the document and the other post, it seems like most confiscations are happening in the EU, so hopefully my Japan-America trips will be ok. The backpack would be a good shout. Do they sell them in Japan? I'm assuming that you left the 3 without the case, but do you think I could squeeze one hard case in there? 

    You can buy Muji boston bag and Pelican iM2075 Storm Case(Amazon or something, the topic will wrote on this forum.), the others cannot buy it.



    Backpack can buy Amazon or Tokyu Hands in Japan.

  10. When I went from Japan to England and Scotland in 2019, I put three concertinas in my backpack and brought them on board.


    However, the backpack only fits three concertinas and one night's change of clothes.


    The trunk of the international flight is large, so I can put it in with my backpack. However, the trunk of the domestic flight (flybe) used when departing from Glasgow was small. I had to unpack it and put it in pieces.


    There are cases where expensive musical instruments are confiscated at customs. You need to keep that in mind.

    I went without doing anything such as customs declaration, but I think that is the biggest concern.



    By the way, is flybe going bankrupt and is the line in operation now?

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