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  1. Stagi ; Bastari I made a video showing how to put the buttons on Please show the English subtitle
  2. It can also be effective to light the action board from below. Hold a BBQ skewer in your dominant hand and fit the action board in as far as it will go. When you find a button that doesn't fit into a hole, insert the skewer into it and poke it gently to fit it into the hole. Rather than fitting them horizontally, it's better to fit each row diagonally starting from the back row. When you finish fitting each row, the tops of the buttons will be a little stuck in, like the first problem. This is because if you fit too many buttons in, it will be difficult to fit the next row of buttons in. Stagi/Bastari improvement https://concertina.pinefield.asia/improvement-concertina-beginners-and-self-taught/
  3. Hi, We met in WCCP Quantock Lodge event in 2019. I took your photo and gave it to Mr. @Takayuki YAGI to All We need "I'm planning to go to Japan" as a forum topic.
  4. Hi It will be There should be some similar items in stock. Musik- und Wintersportmuseum Klingenthal https://www.klingenthal.de/DE/Musikstadt/Museum/Musik-_und_Wintersportmuseum_Klingenthal.html or Harmonikamuseum Zwota https://harmonikamuseum-zwota.de/
  5. Hi I use clear PVA glue like the kind used for stationery.(BASTARI/STAGI) That will be less damage, easy to peal.
  6. Hi I seen someone use weight bench foam pads, made a cut in half. https://www.amazon.com/weight-bench-foam-pads/s?k=weight+bench+foam+pads
  7. Hi What do you think about synthetic leather gussets deteriorating over time and forming holes? Also, if you were to replace it with genuine leather, how much do you think it would cost?
  8. Hi, I'm not sure the size and year. It was created from a photo. It is distorted because it was not captured with a flat scanner. You can use trial Illustrator. https://www.adobe.com/uk/products/illustrator/free-trial-download.html wheatstone_logo_maybe_1910.ai
  9. Hello The bellows gusset is synthetic leather. As a result, pinholes will open over time and cause air leaks. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/gusset-repairs-synthetic-leather-concertina-bellows/ For me, repairing the bellows is more motivating than replacing the reed.
  10. I also use fish glue when I replace the gusset of cheap concertina. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/gusset-repairs-synthetic-leather-concertina-bellows
  11. Hello, awesome gimmick concertina, that found on ebay,I update this topic, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325259378720?hash=item4bbaf84020:g:A~4AAOSwxGlixx66&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0OB44NgBpuw25apaVgtP4hH9gP1IuapvgfhuYFeKLL22jWYvpWXiylMfuGeWel51sftvb7ViHjeEmpHRatQV0MDe%2BD%2FlQ6GuuN7smIRAfnffWSqL6PZ3arIqGDED6p3fmP1fCBDGyq62iL%2FE6jvAWjB5G4ACQXVvJuqXp%2BgaOLNpLA2w1pVwEqcBguQjcFScBSwYwbRI1RJ7mgVrl7DYQiwoVppGgKdbebvh27UbXNSf2njVDJey2m4eIjDTY7bg%2FQrwsfO1rTtCy%2Bt1pGQI5mo%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR_qlzL70YQ
  12. Hello Compared to 15 years ago, the quality of the metal parts at the bottom of the buttons is very poor. Perhaps the machines that die-cut them have not been updated.
  13. Hi I have improved four Stagi English concertinas. I used an insulation cap. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/improvement-concertina-beginners-and-self-taught/
  14. The pages not found, so I picked up form Wayback Machine. https://web.archive.org/web/20180624053603/http://www.concertinaconnection.com/bellows papers.htm
  15. Hello Does anyone identify this Wheatstone English Concertina 48 key model name? The end of material is maybe Rosewood.
  16. Hi The bellows backing is the color of the cardboard, so I put the leather itself, leather patterned paper, or patterned paper on top (because leather is more expensive than paper). I have used a variety of papers and fabrics (Liberty Print) when repairing gussets. I used fish glue to attach the paper. https://concertina.pinefield.asia/gusset-repairs-synthetic-leather-concertina-bellows-4/#完成 *If your concertina's gusset is made of synthetic leather, expect it to degrade and pit in 10 years due to moisture in the air. When you do that repair, you can change the paper.
  17. I also agree with this method. When you turn the end and action board upside down and put the button in the hole, you can see the gap where the skewer is inserted by shining light from the bottom.
  18. If it's the layout 'Non-transposed' that good for me Wheatstone & Co. Concertina Ledgers http://www.horniman.info/DKNSARC/SD02/PAGES/D2P0430S.HTM
  19. @David Lay Thanks for the helpful video. I also need this tuner. @wunks I found the video could show the Closed Captions, plese check the attachment.
  20. @TheoThanks,I was wondering if it was shipped with the wrong tuning at the time of manufacture. Because I heard that this instrument was purchased 15 years ago and hadn't been used much. I'll check the reed
  21. HOHNER English Concertina 48Key treble reveted action with accordion reeds. Push and pull should be F6, but E6 comes out by pushing. Can I tuning the reeds up one note? For this, I made a tuning bellows, but I have absolutely no skill in tuning.
  22. Hello, I found a post long ago in a search. Is this a concertina for this model? The bellows are not leather, like a paper. https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/hohner-concertina-c48-276900634
  23. Thanks, The product presented is for use at the top of the water crew handle. On other sites it was W3 / 16. I never thought I could use it like that. https://amzn.to/32YPfZy Too many pieces. ..
  24. I have a question about Strap screws and their female threads. Are they common ones available at DIY stores in the UK? https://concertina-spares.com/product/straps-screws/?v=3a52f3c22ed6 It seems that there is only one type in Japan, just because of the difference in screw diameter. https://www.yodobashi.com/product/100000001003884721/
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