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  1. And there was infact 3 levi's georges father was levi, georges son was levy and his brother was levi
  2. And george infact did take his concertina down the pit. Georges father also played the concertina, he got his first concertina when he was 7 and taught him self how to play he and george used to play together, levi had a son called arthur who then had a child who lived in wales who has or had georges concertina and his fathers too. George and arthur couldnt read music! These are all things aunty kay is telling me
  3. I will do my best, i see her two or three times a week. Her dad was a famous concertina player, her uncle levi and im sure there was another one 🤔 i will ask tomorrow but im sure there was 3 concertinas that the family wanted to keep together george, levi and the other that levi's granddaughter had possesion of🤔 she wanted to split them up but not sure what happend after that
  4. George lambert and mary anne did infact have another child. Her name is kezia and she is my great aunt! She will turn 95 on the 1st of april and she is always telling stories of her dad the famous concertina player
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