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  1. Wow I had no idea it was that old! Thank you Dowright and Wolf. I think I'll take it to get an estimate for restoration, as many of the notes don't sound. The bellows seem in good shape, maybe a slight leak but that may be from around the buttons, and all the woodwork seems solid. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi, I recently inherited three concertinas from my late Dad. Two of them are lovely 1914 Wheatstone English concertinas, and the third is this rather unloved Lachenal Anglo. I remember he got this one first, when he was learning to play back in tne early 80s. He didn't get on with it and switched to the English system. I've been spending the last few months on one of the Wheatstones and have just about got my head around it, I thought the time has come to try the Anglo and totally confuse myself again! It doesn't help that many of tbe notes don't work, and I don't know where the notes should be. I'm not even sure which key it's in! Anyway, if anyone could give me an idea of what sort of age this may be, and whether it's worth restoring or not, that would be great! Serial number is 101980.
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