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  1. Re-reading my comment, I think I gave a different impression than intended. I did not mean to imply that CC is invoking minstrel shows, simply that I didn't think of an association between a top hat and a medieval minstrel. Ted's idea makes perfect sense.
  2. The choice of a top hat logo in the woodcut makes me think otherwise.
  3. I wanted to thank everyone again for all the helpful information to a newish player, and a new person to the larger world of concertinas. I had planned to save my pennies a bit longer, but a family member who has been super supportive of my learning an instrument gave me a birthday gift a bit early, towards a new one. My motivation was also enhanced by the realization that the low Bb on my Bonetti is just.... B after a frustrating attempt to learn Joe Bane's in F. After sitting down with a tuner (something I should have done upon receiving it, but I was new and naive) I realized a few other low reeds are just.... the wrong reeds as well. So I took the gift money and my fun money savings and I bought a new Morse Ceili from Button Box. It should ship today. I'm setting up an area with a humidifier to make sure it stays nice in the dry northern winter, and I can't wait to play it.
  4. I've been researching a lot of different concertinas and going through reviews, and one shorthand I've seen used regularly to describe the general sound of a concertina is confusing to me. Frequently you'll see, "It is bright and fairly loud. Not a singer's instrument, but it will make itself heard in a session without being obtrusive." or a similar description. My question is, what are the traits that make for a singer's instrument? Volume? brightness?
  5. Wow, I like the look of his stuff a lot. I should probably put in an order now, and I'll be practiced enough to make it worth my while when he's done in 2020.
  6. Sounds like it's worth saving my pennies and working on fundamentals for a few more months. I practice pretty much every day so hopefully I'll have more to show for it. Modifying the grip (I may shave the thumb rest a touch), to allow me to reach the air button was a key stumbling block with this one, At this point my playing and reading of music is still probably slower than any responsiveness issues the bonetti is presenting, except perhaps when playing Garry Owen. This plan is reinforced by the fates, as my car is in the shop with mystery trouble and may eat the ~$2K I may have saved up for such a venture. That said I've taken a lot of notes from all of these conversations and I deeply appreciate the patient generous info from folks who I'm sure have tread these questions and details countless times with newbies.
  7. Of course of only 2 commitments I know of that late in the year, one of them falls on the weekend of 9/22 but that looks like a really neat event! Chris at Barleycorn said he would look out for a 30 C/G anglo for me as the rosewood Jones was going to be a problem in international shipping. He sent me this today: Just reading discussions on this forum, it would seem Lachenal are regarded as middling? Would that be accurate? Seems like a very nice instrument.
  8. I definitely wouldn't mind trying before I buy. Does anyone know of a good dealer in the Chicago or Milwaukee area? I don't really want to order something blindly but I can't exactly justify flying to Boston to go to Button Box
  9. Did you find the air button to be spaced for easy reach? That's been an issue on my early learner that the button was almost over the B/C key and I actually modified the cheaptina to reach because it was over 2" past where the strap catches the inside of your thumb.
  10. Very nice work. Being that mine is a "cheap, nasty box" as well, I elected to try and modify it this weekend. However, my "lever" kept splitting when I tried to mount it, so instead I opened the concertina, removed the grip and moved it about 1/4" closer to the buttons, the grip about half hides the old holes. This seems to be just enough to make the difference for me. And since it's plywood and veneer, no foul against something of beauty.
  11. I looked at it US import info and it looks like duty doesn't become an issue until $2500+ However, one of the barleycorn concertinas I looked at had rosewood which is a cites issue that turns 100 bucks shipping into 200 real quick.
  12. Bill, I'm definitely going to try that. A new instrument is definitely on the horizon but this has been the main trouble for me up to now as I have to roll my hand way forward to hit it with my thumb or take my index finger off the keys. Neither of these were allowing me to use it naturally during play to regulate air. Thanks for the suggestion
  13. Gremich, do you own one? My biggest concern is distance from the back of the strap to the air button. I haven't figured out if the distance on the bonetti is unusually large or if I just have tiny presidential hands. I was going to measure that distance when I get home. Was hoping someone could compare.
  14. I think at this point, I haven't used the accidentals enough to be beholden to any one pattern. C# on the upper right is about all I've used as most of my lessons and fun playing have been c, G and D key tunes But I appreciate the insight into the brand. All pricing being nominally similar, any strong opinions on the CC minstrel hybrid vs the Jones vintage?
  15. Thanks for the suggestion! Would there be any notable red flags with this one from barleycorn? http://www.concertina.co.uk/stock-selection/?concertina=3156&fbclid=IwAR1RwiPSxj8h1csAYONcfWQ3uMFeggKuEsxVFj0PK2z7DZScQ1F4a2l71ik
  16. Hello, i've jumped into the world of concertina playing relatively recently. My interest centers around Irish music and early-mid 20th century folk/pub tunes so I selected an Anglo concertina. I'm still learning but I have really fallen in love with the instrument and taken to it in a way that other instruments have vexed me or led to a falling out. As many before I fell victim to the split between uncertainty if this was for me, and buying a quality instrument. I ended up purchasing This Bonetti 30 button Anglo concertina from Amazon. While it isn't awful judging by what I can gather about beginner/Chinese instruments, after a few months of nearly daily practice and online lessons, I'm seeing its shortcomings. While it can be hard to get clear measurements on many models, it is definitely larger and less agile than some, at 7 3/4" across the flats. I also have trouble reaching the air button with my thumb, and have adopted a bad habit of cheating with my right index finger. I don't have basis for comparison for bellows stiffness, but I do seem to be moving in bigger pushes and pulls to get the same sound as the video instructors, and being that the air button is hard to reach, makes this a compounding problem. I'm hoping for suggestions of a long-term learning and playing instrument. I'm not really looking to step into another beginner instrument if there is a more intermediate option. However, I'm not prepared to spend $2000 just yet. Is there something that would take me further than the Rochelle or Wren 2 for less than $1500?
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