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  1. Hi Jody we really enjoyed that night at Seaford, glad you are back in one piece. Hope we can help with next year's tour up in t'north maybe. Cheers Mike and Linda .
  2. At a Chris Sherburn workshop last weekend we used repeat As and Gs on both sides using different rows, also all same direction ornaments eg ABA GAG etc. Mick Bramich recommends octaves eg DdD to use diff buttons. I also use shakes , taps while holding the button down and also wiggling the opposite fingers so the strap jiggles the note. That's best on the pull. I've never managed what I can do on melodeon where I use up to three fingers on the same button in quick succession like PAcc players like Phil Cunningham do a lot, there's not enough space between buttons.
  3. I sent a PM ,cheers, Mike
  4. Hi wolf, nice to meet you and Dagmar at Seaford!That was a good weekend, Mike

  5. An excellent workshop and concert with Chris and Denny. Thanks to the organizers, great as always in Lewes.all involved and we got to see and hear Jody Kruskal at Seaford on the Friday and caught an early bonfire too!. Well worth the long trek down to Sussex from South Yorkshire.
  6. Similar here in Yorkshire Pennines, after the current fogs as the cold north air meets the warm Atlantic stuff we get into those clear skies and frosty days, just right for the local carol season and often with some snow underfoot. My son was born 41 years ago on Nov 17 and we had to struggle through a sudden dump of snow and since then the first snow has been about, or on, that date many times, strange
  7. Can I say thanks for a great night and a very friendly club.Jody was in fine form a super entertainer and the floor singers and musicians were excellent too. We also went to Lewes so it was a grand weekend. Jody will be across in November 2013 and I'd really recommend people to book him during his tour.
  8. I just got my copy on return from holiday and can strongly recommend it. It has a nice mix of tunes from both sides of the Irish Sea and has some tasteful accompaniment. The recording quality was excellent.
  9. That was addressed to Dan A, I personally find the sounds when various notes when used by a great player together on the pipes add to the excitement and would love to know more about the tunings of the regulators etc etc. Another lifetime I expect
  10. Hi Jody we are comming down to Lewes so will see you at Seaford looking forward to it
  11. Any comments from pipe players or pipe makers on the tuning of regulator reeds etc which give the colour to their chords. I love playing with just me and a piper
  12. Warm welcome to the cnet You'll get all the help you need here to get started
  13. Thanks Neil just sent me the scan from the book. If I see him tonight at The Royal at Dungworth I'll get details of the tutor book
  14. Once upon a time I'd have added a bottle of the amber liquid but will settle for a pot of tay!
  15. Last weekend I attended the excellent Traditional Song Forum meeting here at Sheffield University. Julia Bishop gave an intersting talk on children's play and mentioned multimodal analysis ( of posture, movement etc etc ) I would be grateful for any links to useful material on this as I felt it would be useful in some ' research' I'm doing on the dynamics of music sessions. It has helped me already in studying Youtube videos of musicians in identifying the elements of what goes on as well as hitting the right buttons!
  16. I know it's a year on from these discussions but I've had another interesting year exploring chords with Brian Peters on the C/G anglo, mainly to accompany songs and also because I have been playing with a guitarist as a duo and a piper in sessions. i've also explored octave playing a lot more and have gone back to older players and played Dan Worrall's CD Rom on House Dance music. I am still not clear about the degree of chord use being developed by players. Some seem to want to emulate the pipes whilst others are very sparing. I would be grateful if anyone could indicate who they regard as tasteful solo players who use chords to enhance the melody line. On the melodeon people like Andy Cutting, Tim Edey and Luke Daniels have done much to bring about a new vision and I'm keen to find out who, outside the Englsh tradition, are doing the same with Irish music. I know that Jody Kruskal and Bertram levy are guiding a revival in American music which I find exciting. I also wonder whether the increasing number of Duet concertina players is having an influence on previously more melodic styles.
  17. Then there's the whole issue of equal temperament versus other temperaments and intonations! Discuss!
  18. It appears to be a Right Wing ('reactionary') comment that the duped worker is shackled and having the tune called by the professional agitator of the left . Maybe a 'Wobbly' or a Communist. Ironically agitators originated in the regiments of the rRoundhead Parliamentarians of the English Civil War a bit like Political Commisars in later peoples' armies
  19. Thanks for the nod Dan and a good excuse to stay indoors playing without getting the bellows wet!
  20. Hi Valmai, anything on on Friday evening and Sunday lunch in Lewes to make a weekend of it? We won't be able to come for the Folk Festival! Might get to Mandy Murray session in Brighton on Monday after the weekend if it's on.
  21. On Youtube It's described as a fling Behind the Ditch in Parkhanna. On the CD in the Clare Sets there is a tune listed as Behind the Bush in Parkhanna but that is a slide whereas this vdeo is a fling or 4/4 tune. here she seems to have a 3 row Lacheanl in C/G and on The Calre Set a German model with twin reeds I wonder if the air button position had been shifted for access by the index finger As it is at the front opposite the normal thumb position ( or was that common?) I was interested that Mrs O'Dwyer was playing in a mode around G with natural in the scale on the C row mainly rather than on the G row so the octave style playing is pretty sophisticated. D minor chords seem to feature too , which was used a lot in old style playing. Maybe Sean O'Dwyer could help us out? She played mainly in F on the Clare Set CD so that has a lot of similarity with the Kitty Hayes style of octave playing old style. I'm having a great time trying to suss out the notes Has anyone got a twin reeded German concertina in C/G? Toss the Feathers is in C and Drowsy Maggie in D minor on the video clip, again along the middle C row.
  22. Thanks to kautilya for the downsize. Maybe not the best of tunes and possibly put in the book as an exercise in triplets . I can't trace it anywhere else
  23. Lovely thanks for the link Tony McMahon presenting (great box player)
  24. How much evidence is there for a 'Celtic' culture in Galicia?
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