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  1. Hi wolf, nice to meet you and Dagmar at Seaford!That was a good weekend, Mike

  2. happy Birthday Roger!


  3. Hi angloplayer. I just put a Youtube copy on The Session. We play the Planxty version given on The Session list but not as a 'barndance ' but as an air which I love . I prefer it in D as G goes a bit low (OK for a fiddler) Mike and I also like it in C which is great for a C/G Anglo as you can do chords if you want more like a Harpist would.

    I'd do 2As and 2Bs and as many...

  4. Hi Howard

    I am sending a CD review to Stirrings of the Albireo CD. I bought my own so if Raymond keeps your review copy he's a cheeky bugger!



  5. A real virtuoso player. A pleasure to watch and listen

  6. You are a breath of fresh air and I admire your chutzpah! Stick with the conc and melodeon both!

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