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  1. Peter, I had a beret similar to yours but brown, I dropped it in a field full of cows and tried 10 on before I found the right one.
  2. Hi Mike, If Jody doesn't give you a hug, I will in gratitude for that Lachenal I bought from you. Could be a good weekend (think I'll leave Mrs Byrne at home next year ;-) Mike
  3. Hi Jody, when I attended your workshop at the Warwick Folk Festival you threw your arms around me and gave me a kiss, (you mistook me for an old American friend). Can I expect the same treatment if I go to Bradfield? Mike
  4. Hi Helen Without seeing the pictures of your concertina, I think it is made by George Jones. It will have an inscription -Screwed Notes Defi-G..J.-ance London make, stamped into the hand bar. I look forward to seeing the pictures. Mike
  5. These reeds are in a French made concertina, I think it was made by Alexandre (a harmonium maker).
  6. Geoff Wright - Not a Gentleman!!!
  7. The raised ends on this Lachenal Baritone add nothing to the sound quality, they are an external bushing board.
  8. As our Samantha lives in Scotland and I'm nibbling on a batch of freshly made shortbread, I think I should head for Baker Street. An Elementary move my dear Lucas
  9. The Rutland Morris Men (From Englands smallest county) danced in the Bolliwood film Bride and Prejudice.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is a Lachenal I'm pretty sure it's a Jones.
  11. Buy her a pair of Ear Protectors, they're much cheaper and portable for when she attends sessions with you.
  12. Here is my Dipper No. 163 also with fretted sides.
  13. The guy with the neck strap is Allan Clarke who plays with the Manchester Morris Men and the Bacup Coconut Dancers. He is two weeks away from his 90th birthday and still playing strong.
  14. Have you seen this on E-bay No. 7373773795 - or can you play it?
  15. Mark, Is there a subliminal message contained in your last three postings?
  16. £ The serial number on a Norman Concertina denotes the date of manufacture (399) - March 1999.
  17. [ Neil Wayne couldn't resist Mrs. Waynes concertina. It now resides in Belper.
  18. Can anyone shed any light on these initials in my other semi-miniature?
  19. Richard, Some pics of my Jeffries case are in post above.
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