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  1. Here is a picture of an early Lachenal of mine with black accidentals.
  2. What you have is a French made English concertina. On the inside of the left reed pan it has G 5 which stands for Gauche (left) and on the inside of the right reed pan it will have a D for Droite (right)
  3. Here are some pictures of my 26 button Ab/Eb Jones. As you can see the letters S and A are cut into the right hand fretwork. At the top where the makers or sellers name usually is it says The Salvation Army - Blood and Fire.
  4. A later question on the same Counterpoint was 'what was George Melly's autobiography called'.
  5. If it's a Jeffries it will be stamped on one of the rosewood sides.
  6. Here is a picture of Ralph playing my Wheatstone mini anglo at Bradfield in 2010.
  7. It did belong to me. It's now in Neil Waynes Concertina Museum Collection.
  8. Here is the logo from my (Celebrated Acoustic Band) Dipper.
  9. The left hand concertina (picture 1) is my 5 1/2 inch Lachenal Anglo with a normal size 30 key. When it was opened for restoration, I discovered writing on the reedpan (picture 2), which reads: THIS INSTRUMENT PLAYED TROOPS INTO BATTLE AT ARMENTIERS AND CAME OUT GOOD Inside the bellows frame (picture 3), it reads: A. LEWIS LIVERPOOL with various battles also listed: LA SIENE - ANCRE - YESER - MARNE - ASINE The spelling is dubious, but this is what was written. A fellow Cnetter has studied the war records and says it might be Pvt A.Lewis 8977 of the 1st Battalion, Kings Regiment (Liverpool), who was a regular soldier form 1914.
  10. I noticed that my own avatar and that of some others has disappeared. It took me several shots to achieve this picture of my concertina standing upright on my hand to replicate the one by Bertram Levy (no strings attached). As I am celebrating my birthday today, I have set a new avatar photo of myself when I was slightly younger! Mike
  11. That was John Wild not 'Michael Sam Wild'.
  12. Here are some pics of a wooden ended Jeffries.
  13. mike byrne


    I first saw this concertina at Dave Leese's house about 10 years ago. It was waiting for repair and for Dave to get an eight sided bellows mould made. He was repairing it for Chris Algar who bought it from a chap who alledgedly found it in a "rubbish skip". The ends were all delaminating and Dave was glueing them back piece by piece. He made new bellows retaining the unusual gold blocked ends and sent it back to Chris for tuning as the reeds were very rusty. I don't know how many reeds are original. It was sold to C-Net member Gavin Davenport (gavdav) who in turn sold it to Hehe.
  14. Geoff Wright plays both plus piano accordion for the Bracken Brigg band.
  15. Neil Wayne NEVER re-sells instruments that are conserved and protected from "Restoration" in the Concertina Museum -(might do a swap for an 1830s Open Pallet Wheatstone though!)
  16. Not surprising. But how can you tell? His bid history matches Member id neilwayne (614) Mike
  17. Sold for GBP 128.89 (US $206.56) to one of four bidders who placed bids in the final ten seconds. all too predictable... fits the pattern like a glove... http://www.concertin...showtopic=13180 Well, I hope whoever bought this one isn't planning to trash it for the reeds... Neil Wayne wouldn't do that.
  18. "20 button" - While theoretically possible, I've never heard of an English (or a duet) with this number of buttons. However, 20-button anglos are quite common. What about this one Jim?
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