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  1. A little bird told me that a certain concertina dealer bids for concertinas on ebay that he has no intentions of buying and doesn't even want. Just to keep the prices high. This made my blood boil. Am i just being naive, or does it make anyone else cross? I would love a better machine but i haven't got a snowball's chance in hell when the dealers fix the price or have i? sorry i just wanted to blow off some steam
  2. Hello all, Ive been playing Anglo concertina for nearly 2 years now. Im finding it really hard work not only on the grey matter but on my knuckles too, after about 30mins the bones in my hands ache really bad.(possibly the beginnings of arthritis who knows?) My concertina is a Marcus, C/G, Can anything be done to improve the action? does anyone know anyone who can do this? Otherwise i will have to sell it and find something else. Any advice would be greatfully recieved. Gilly x
  3. yeah! that sounds right. I have just had another look at it and im almost certain it is glued in. it's held away from the fretwork by felt pads but it's held fast by tiny little wooden blocks inside the end piece. The serial number is 6476. I will try to put some pic's on tomorrow. Gilly
  4. i have loaned my camera to a friend so it will take me a while to get a photo but i will try.
  5. I have been given an English concertina, as it cost me nothing i thought id have a go at getting it to play. I am in the process of attatching some bellows i got from Dave Leese. Everything seems to be ok so far (touch wood) but i cant' figure out how to clean behind the fretwork. It's a wheatstone student model, seems to have a wooden back plate behind the fretwork, is it really glued in or am i imagining it? and if it is glued in how do i clean it?, as this concertina has been in a cupboard for 30 years unprotected and is filthy. Gilly
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