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  1. A squawk of Maccanns. I think that is the collective term. Except for the miniature English on top.
  2. Have you discovered the new facility on concertina.org that allows a search of the ICA's extensive and growing library of music, recordings and documents? It is here. When you find an item, click on it and it will display, play etc depending on what it is. Enjoy.
  3. No worries, Wes, the plan is to drip feed the announcements out when they are ready.
  4. 6th February is Sir Charles Wheatstone's birthday.
  5. Really makes you want to join the ICA, doesn’t it? 😇 — Colin ICA Webmaster
  6. Hi, all, The ICA has restored the old craneconcertina.com and it is now live at http://crane.concertina.org. Enjoy. (p.s. It was only completed yesterday, so obviously Just-in-Time!). Colin ICA Webmaster
  7. I have changed from the inbuilt Wordpress search to a Google enhanced search engine that does search the PDFs.
  8. I've just checked the list of recordings in Peter Trimming's archive, and these cover the period you mention. You can see it here: I have this all digitised now, and will get it online in time.
  9. Long before my time, but I can pass on the request. Colin
  10. That is interesting, Wes. When I took over the website after Michel died, I did a lot of tidying up of the files. I found many files were missing: there were links, but the folders were empty. Do you still have copies that I could have to complete things?
  11. (I thought I had replied to this last night, but it seems to have vanished into the great bellows in the sky). You and I do not have an argument here, Don. Personally, I agree completely with you. The ICA is certainly not in it to make money. However, I sense there has previously been much confusion over who owns the copyright on what in Concertina World (CW), and there has been a sense of possession and ownership, some of which may have been misplaced. I won't go over the copyright debate here. The way we are tackling it now is to release past copies of CW online in PDF
  12. As Webmaster for the ICA, I am interested in what you mean by an 'I did that' section? We have a growing sound archive, but mostly old recordings that I have been steadily restoring. I would love to get more recent recordings to show how the music and playing has developed. If people wished to submit recordings, then please email me at webmaster@concertina.org.
  13. We have gone round the loop on this one in committee several times. I would also like to see the magazine issued optionally as a PDF, and in fact in the year I was Secretary of the ICA we agreed to trial it. I don't think it ever happened. However, things are changing, and I think there is a possibility that it will happen. The contentious issue is simply how it is kept within the membership for both copyright reasons and also to maintain it as a member benefit. This is why previous issues are available to the public online when a new issue is released. The current issue is available to m
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