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  1. That is what it says on @goisagi's Tweet: "(BWV Anh 116 Menuett : Clover Concertina : Jeffries layout)"
  2. The fascinating interview with Bob Minting about his father Harry Minting is now live for you to watch before the second part of the concert comes along:
  3. I have vanished the post dates to avoid anyone else becoming confused. Enjoy.
  4. Hi, Peter, Obviously, what we would really like is to have every concertina player in the world out and about and playing on that day. We are a very small team, and all we can do is put as much as we can out there and invite people around the world to join in. If it attracts people to join the ICA then all the better. We will know about them next time. I think that for a first effort, we have done amazingly well to get such global support and representation. I don't think you will be disappointed with our concert, and there are those from the USA to look forward to as well. We also have a rather curious but fun item from Japan. Squeeze on! Colin
  5. Unfortunately, that is the way Wordpress works. It is showing the date the item was posted to the site. You haven’t missed it, the date of WCD is 6 February 2022. If I changed that date to the 6 February then the post would disappear until then. The posts are shown in reverse order of being posted.
  6. Hello, Peter, That is a fair comment, but Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne is certainly a younger player. I was not involved with the selection, as I do not have much knowledge of the active players. Others might be able to comment on that. However, I do believe that we do not have many younger players as members of the ICA, so perhaps we do not know of them. We would certainly welcome them. How can we get them involved?
  7. Hello, Don, It is a pre-recorded concert that is in production at the moment, so it will be made available on YouTube on 6 February. It will be open to all to see. As it is being assembled in the UK, it will no doubt go live early in the UK. I haven't been told an exact time, but no reason why it shouldn't be available from the crack of dawn. But it is looking great!
  8. And to complete our line-up we have Didie Sendra, Hayden duet, France Ivan Coa Apaza, English, Bolivia Janel Dows, Anglo, USA and Geoff Lakeman, Crane Duet, UK. Note that the order that the players appear throughout the series of pictures does not indicate the order in which they appear in the concert.
  9. Yet more: Irish Bishop on Maccann duet, UK John Kirkpatrick on Anglo, UK Rob Harbron on English, UK Qasadi on Anglo, South Africa Paul McCann on Crane duet, UK. But we aren't finished yet!
  10. We decided it was time to give you your own page on concertina.org.
  11. Today we are pleased to present Musik Böhmer on Maccann duet from Germany, Louis Brink on Anglo from South Africa, Riggy Rackin on English from the USA and Caitlín nic Gabhann on Anglo from Ireland.
  12. Please plug away, Randy! The more, the merrier. It will be a great day. Do you mind if we pinch the pictures and text for concertina.org/world-concertina-day/?
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