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  1. Hello Dave (not Dace, sorry)! Thanks a million for all your help through your manual. It is a newly made Eiru concertina from Sean Garvey's Irish Concertina Company in Dublin, Ireland; being from up the road I wanted to shop local, as it were, even though I don't live in Dublin now. So to answer, it was custom made for me with my own key specifications (like a drone D, and C sharp options etc.). Does this newness-of-the-instrument change very much how I should be approaching any issues? As in, should I be treating this newly made concertina in any particular way? This really is a minefield for me, but I am fairly confident that my explorations are not going to do any harm to the instrument, touch wood. Again, thank you to everyone for helping. Ruairi
  2. Thank you for your replies! Alas, the maker is in my home town of Dublin, and I am in midwest US - I think the instrument took a beating in the arctic temperatures that occurred at time of delivery, it sounded rough as hell at first. I do have a little previous experience at adjusting and cleaning of things, etc. so I like to think I have nursed this newer instrument back to almost complete health; recent warmer weather seems to have helped the recovery too (I think). And I might have memorized Dace Elliott's manual by this point :). I might do another 'tune-up' of everything as that seems to help, and thank you again for the advice, all. I'll post with any astonishing breakthroughs as they happen... Best Ruairi
  3. Hello All, I tried and failed to find a previous discussion on this issue; on my relatively new and by no means cheap concertina I've noticed that the middle D/C note sounds noticeably louder than it's pals. I'm a rank amateur at repairs and adjustments, although I am learning slowly. But I'm stumped as to what to do with this one. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks! Ruairi
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