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  1. @Mikefule Thanks, that is actually a very detailed explanation that makes a lot of sense. I'm currently learning music theory, so this would help a lot i suspect.
  2. Hi Everyone Is there perhaps an easy way to remember the note positions on a 40 button Anglo? Or is it just a case of buckling down and trying to remember 80 notes and their positions?
  3. Thanks for all the help everyone. I've updated the chart with the additional info.
  4. I checked the notes on my 38 button this morning and it seem the left hand top left push is C2, instead of E. And the right hand top right push is D5, instead of C. I'm going to update my diagram and share it.
  5. Thanks for the explanation, that makes sense. It's a good thing I asked the question, otherwise I might have learned the incorrect notes for my particular concertina (I've got a 38 button Koot Brits Anglo). I'm not sure how to indicate the different octaves. Any suggestions? If you want I can make a chart for each variation, but someone would have to send me the variations.
  6. @Dracor Thanks for uploading the tutorial! Do you perhaps have the tabbed out PDF available?
  7. So... I noticed that the bottom left note on the left hand is sometimes B/D and sometimes B/A. Is there any specific reason for this? I've made another version of the chart to include this variant.
  8. Unfortunately the Boeremusiek community has a very casual approach toward music. I only know of two music teachers (both of whom have passed away), where you can order lessons for specific songs from their family. These songs however are not available in musical notation, only in tab format - and in the Afrikaans language. I've got some of these lessons, but I believe it would be copyright infringement to share them. I'll share a sample of what it looks like tonight. If you are interested in ordering some of the lessons you can contact Estelle Potgieter at erpotgieter@gmail.com. She will be able to email you the tabs along with the recorded lesson, which unfortunately is in Afrikaans. Her price is R190 per song.
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm busy learning concertina, and I'm interested in learning a variety of styles (particularly South African Boeremusiek). I made this note layout for anyone who's interested. Please let me know if there are any errors, there seems to be variations with some of the buttons.
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