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  1. Sure, I know quite a lot about the history of the concertina in Bolivia. There are even concertina festivals in different cities of the country, here is one: https://youtu.be/dWbnm3CFoSw I will be posting more.
  2. In need of selling this concertina: GREMLIN 8 sided 56 button english concertina in good condition: all buttons work, tuned, good bellows, nice compression. Few signs of wear use but nothing that stops it from producing a nice loud sound. I’m only looking for £300, message if you are interested (delivery in the UK available)
  3. Hi John I got many friends in Bolivia. I have many videos of bolivian players I can share them if you wish. Is always nice to listen to this instrument in a different culture with a different style of playing isn't it?
  4. South american style in anglo concertina https://youtu.be/HeDuLAMPuR8
  5. This a black english concertina 8 sided and 56 button made by ‘GREMLIN’; its a rare one I’ve not found any like this online. Rather than selling it I’d prefer an exchange for a Wheatstone or lachenal english concertina (any model as long as its tuned) Bought this one from Italy couple of years ago and the condition is good (all buttons work and bellows are good), no important damages other than few signs of wear use. Is tuned and has a beautiful sound, not like a vintage concertina obviously but that’s why I want a lachenal or Wheatstone, so if you are a collectionist or have a spare one, I’d really appreciate a trade in. Only asking £400 if you want to buy straight away.
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