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  1. Lovely tina I wish I could afford one of these. I was wondering if the ends have been sanded with sandpaper?
  2. Thanks I will, I’d imagine they have pad material too.
  3. Oh I see, that kinda lets me down a bit. I would have bought all my valves from concertina-spares.com but unfortunately it takes too long as Mark Adey is I’ll I think. I ordered some spares in January and still haven’t received it, hence I’m forced to look elsewhere and make my own materials. I have 4 concertinas which need new pads & valves and want to get them done asap, but I don’t want to risk and use cheap material either. Thanks anyway.
  4. Yes I’m aware, but when I’m replacing the valves on the chamber side, the valves on the opposite will start to curl, so it has to be a problem of valve material in this case. My concertina is a Wheatstone English that comes in its original leather hard case.
  5. That looks great, I need to make pads too. As long as the leather is good quality and doesn’t curl, it will do. Have you ordered from them? I see that they are located in the US, I wonder how long the delivery takes.
  6. I used small sharp scissors. I removed the original valves (one at a time), and outlined it’s shape with a pen on the leather hide (hairy side), and then gently cut it. My other concertinas which are already restored (not by me) have slightly wider valves, but I preferred to keep the same width and length as the original valves.
  7. Hi, anyone in the UK knows any good leather supplier or website where I can find the right leather for concertina valves? I bought a sheep hide from ebay to cut and replace the valves myself, but they curl up too easily. I trimmed them to the same size and chose the same thickness as the original ones, but they tend to curl rapidly just with gravity. I’m guessing it’s a matter of stiffness and flexibility? It’s the first time I’m cutting them myself, if anyone has found the right leather I’d appreciate a bit of help. Thanks.
  8. I see, thanks for the information. It does makes sense because the bushing board is paitend with gold paint on the other side and yes definitely a poor work done. As for the bellows, do you think it will be better a fit new set of bellows or just work on this one? They air airtight but too thick
  9. I have bought this concertina last week from ebay and I’m not sure whether it’s a Lachenal or Wheatstone, or has parts from both? The serial number that I see inside is 19059. I would imagine the ends have been replaced at some point. It has got mainly steel reeds with some brass replacements, and it plays decently well to say it’s extremely dusty inside since it has been stored for about 70 years or so. At first I thought it was a Lachenal as the 3 screws in the finger rest are not perfectly in line just like my other Lachenals, but then it has riveted levers, which I think was unique to most Wheatstones? For some reason the manufacturer name has been peeled off from the reed pan. Any help I’d really appreciate it. Thanks
  10. Thanks for letting us know, I placed an order a month ago and emailed him today but haven’t received a reply yet. Does he work on his own? It would be great if someone could work along with him while he is off.
  11. Jim Gale, must be him! It would make sense since this concertina arrived in England after the war, I guess 1945 onwards. Thanks for the link.
  12. True, perhaps that’s how my concertina is tuned to A=440Hz and not old pitch.
  13. Interesting, thanks for the information. Indeed, very little about him online. I wonder if he was a repairer too.
  14. I have just acquired my first duet concertina, a Lachenal Maccann 63 key edeophone and it has got this stamp inside: “J. Gale importer or concertinas & accordions”, wondering if anyone knows anything about it? I can’t find any information about them. The serial number is 3100, would that be early 1900s? I got told this concertina came over from Italy after the war. Interestingly the reeds are tuned to concert pitch (with slight deviations), although the valves are old. Thanks in advance
  15. Unlucky, 2 edeophones duet 63 keys got sold recently on ebay uk, I got one of them but I don’t plan to sell it, however keep an eye on ebay and auction houses. Duets are getting so popular nowadays which is good. The big Æolas are quite common as well. You might wanna contact the dealers, they should have something.
  16. Thank you Sprunghub I’ll have a look
  17. Done it! I got away with a kitchen knife to slide through. My god what a chaos that was! I wonder why would people do this... But the good thing is that it kept the reeds clean and dust-free. It has definitely been touched by someone who is not into cocertinas.
  18. Where can I get the chamois from the same material?
  19. Thanks, definitely the blade will be a safer choice.
  20. Yes I have slid a thin blade and hopefully the glue is not as strong, but I can only reach few centimetres with the blade; there is also glue around the circle in the middle. Thanks for your recommendation, I will try with water first and see what happens. The glue is pretty dry. I might have to remove the reeds first.
  21. Hi everyone, I have just received a Lachenal Anglo Concertina that came all way from Finland, and I’m having a big trouble with it: The reed pan is literally glued to the pad board and I can’t access the chamber side. Someone has put some sort of white glue to the chamois leather of the chamber walls and now it’s stuck to the pad board. On the other ends I can’t even remove the reed pan from the bellows... Has anyone ever come across this problem? I was thinking about using some sort of lubricant but I’m afraid this could affect the wood or the reeds. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks Roger
  22. Hi I’m selling a Lachenal tutor model that I bought a couple of months ago from eBay. Fully restored by Nigel Sture in 2014 including a 6 fold bellows and steel reeds. I finished it up with the key hole bushings. Great condition inside out and tuned to concert pitch. The serial number is 56906, likely from the 20’s? Correct me if I’m wrong. The price is £800, but will consider reasonable offers. Can ship within the UK. Also advertised it on ebay (more photos in there) but I would much rather sell it through this forum and contribute a small percentage than loosing money on ebay fees. Thanks
  23. Paypal, or put it up on ebay. Unfortunately you get fees for selling but it’s the safest method. Be careful with scammers, they usually send fake paypal emails.
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