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    General folk tunes, hope to get competent enough to learn some reels & jigs as time goes by.
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  1. My mistake on the serial number. In the bright light of day it is indeed no. 3967 and that number matches on the other action board and bellows frame. Maybe I need a trip to the optometrist. My post was really just to confirm the details given in Stephen's post as above.
  2. “H. Dean”. About 18 months ago I bought a box of random concertina spares from a music shop in Melbourne (Aust.). While going through it, I realised it contained about 90pc of a 20b Jones serial #3937. On the left hand action board is a white sticker referring to a repair seemingly done on 19/6/1928 by H. Dean of the above address. I will try to attach a photo. Unfortunately the left end plate of this instrument has been smashed. I doubt my woodwork skill would do justice trying to make a new end. So it sits awaiting inspiration. Cheers to all Gerry
  3. I have a Lachenal which is labelled Barnett Samuel. It has all steel reeds. Its serial 16946 about late 1860s. But I wouldn't necessarily say all Barnett Samuel instruments would be the same. I guess they came off the production run of Lachenal and then labelled. Not much help I know but it is one example Cheers Gerry
  4. Hi Larrjhs. If you really are not feeling confidant enough to tackle this, I would recommend Lewis Music in Russell St in Melbourne. Roger did some pads, valves & tuning on a 20b Lachenal for me last September and I was/am very happy with it. I don't have the # handy but a quick net search will find him. Cheers Gerry
  5. A word of caution Jim. Any lubrication may attract dust & grit which may be detrimental to your instrument. Please read as much about maintenance on this site before proceeding. I am a new member too since september, '18 and find these guys & girls a wonderful forum with a vast amount of experience and knowledge. All given with a generous helpful intent on enjoying our concertinas well into the future. Another great resource is David Elliott's book on concertina maintenance and repair. Cheers Gerry
  6. Is W J Thomas a recognized maker or could it be a Lachenal. It looks a bit like one I have. Serial # 16946 which is labelled as Barnett Samuel I have a photo here somewhere.
  7. Yes thanks Dowright they are indeed steel. I might add it is in at the moment getting a new set of pads & felt bushes throughout. So I have to wait a little longer before I start. Will be worth it though. G
  8. I recently acquired a 20b vintage concertina. The label reads Barnett Samuel of 31 Houndsditch London. I know they were not makers. I have read a fair bit of the history pages here and am almost certain it will be a Lachenal. The serial no is 16946. The reeds are steel on brass mounts which are drilled not slotted. The palm rests don’t have any trade mark stamps. The guy who sold it had anecdotal evidence that it had been purchased in 1885 and came to Australia in 1889 but there was no documentation of this. I am not too fussed about finding the make date as we know that is problematic but it is old and needs to be preserved. I would like to verify that it is a Lachenal. Now I will try to post a pic or two but my computer skills are not good. Cheers and thanks for this wonderful pool of knowledge. Gerry
  9. Thank you for these replies. I did check some of the older threads and with those & these more recent opinions I think I have the gist of it now. Once again thanks for helping a newbody. G.
  10. Thanks Mikefule. I checked some previous discussion and will try to go along with those thoughts. G
  11. I am very much a newcomer here. In fact my first concertina is still in the post. It will be a Barnett Samuel when it arrives during next week. I understand that they didn't manufacture themselves and it is probably a Lachenal. My question is: What is the consensus on the pronunciation of Lachenal. I have heard it as "Lash-n-al" or "Lack-n-all"? I'm sure I will be back seeking more info on this instrument in the next few weeks. Cheers and thanks for all the invaluable info on these pages, Gerry Dunlop
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